Hello andForum welcome to the Estrat Events blog page.

We will be using this space to post news and updates about all of our summit events and the sectors in which they operate. If you are a delegate attending one of our events or are participating as a panelist or presenter then you can use this page to discuss further with colleagues or attendees.

Estrat Events specialises in facilitating high level, VIP meetings which allow Private Sector Organisations to meet and build relationships with Governments from around the world to build long term sustainable partnerships. We create a platform that is independent and aims to provide a platform for strategic planning and development which will benefits the end users. We host events across sectors such as Health, Technology and Energy, both nationally in the UK and internationally.

There a number of key benefits to participating or sending a delegate to one of our events, even at delegate level we offer full access to all speaking sessions and panelists. The benefits of attendance include contributing to the agenda of the forum ensuring you can discuss the issues most important to you; secondly you will gain a better understanding of the needs of potential partners as well as gather the latest market intelligence from a wide range of market leaders.

We have a list of unique events coming up in 2014 including the UK Health Informatics Forum in Leeds and the Powering the Middle East Summit in Amman, Jordan. Please come by this page for the latest information and announcements of the key speakers and attendees.

Many thanks.

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