UK Health Informatics Forum welcomes Altodigital


We are pleased to share the news that Altodigital is the latest participant for the second UK Health Informatics forum. Altodigital’s aim is to introduce and implement efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective document workflow processes throughout the NHS. This makes them a very attractive contributor to the forum and we look forward to welcoming them to Leeds in July.

Altodigital are well positioned to transfer over 38 years of managing print and document environments across the UK into the health sector. Through the increasing capabilities of modern technology, Altodigital have ensured wastage is reduced and confidential data is kept secure through the use of their bespoke and independent product. As the NHS enters an uncertain phase of digitization, Altodigital have the expertise to ensure their secure document strategy will utilise key technologies and eradicate the challenges with implementing them.

As an approved supplier on the collaborative HealthTrust Europe / London Procurement Programme framework, with industry leading software and hardware, Altodigital are trusted to take care of print and document workflow environments whilst healthcare providers take care of their patients. Altodigital have an ethos that represents the UK Health Informatics Forum and their participation is a strong step forward to improving healthcare Informatics proficiency.

To find out more about the UK Health Informatics Forum please search #UKHIF on Twitter, or visit our website at or for Altodigital visit

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