Global IT experts CGI send delegation to UKHIF

We are pleased to announce that CGI, will participate in our UK Health Informatics Forum. CGI will be providing a speaker as well as utilising our unique demonstration space to showcase their experience and a range of their technology solutions that have been delivered, to scale, across the world. CGI are delivering a wide range of services to Healthcare acrossCGI logo 2013 the Nordics, Europe, US and Canada as well as in the UK.

Calum Macleod, VP Healthcare, UK at CGI commented “We are now seeing, across the healthcare market globally, a ‘quickening’ in the deployment of technology to improve the quality and productivity of Healthcare provision. Much of what is needed is now proven and available somewhere in the world. It is essential that both healthcare IT clients and providers work together so that the UK is leading the adoption of these technologies by clinicians and patients. CGI looks forward to attending the UK Health Informatics Forum and participating in the event so that we can find practical ways to accelerate and drive this adoption jointly.”

CGI Group Inc. is the fifth largest IT and business process services firm in the world working with thousands of global clients from delivery centres across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The Global Healthcare team at CGI are committed to helping their clients achieve their business goals and offer an excellent portfolio of solution that includes IT consulting, application development and support. Within the UK it is delivering a range of solutions with a number of clients including: Portals; leading Mobile applications; reliable IT infrastructure; and support of Clinical solutions.

The UK Health Informatics Forum offers a very profitable platform to share and apply these solutions to genuine issues faced by end users from both public and private providers. We look forward to welcoming CGI to Leeds and the innovative solutions they will bring with them.

To find out more about the CGI group visit: or if you would like your organisation to join CGI at the forum, register your interest at:


Voice Power to demonstrate leading Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation Technology at UKHIF

VoicePower LTD will be making the most of the UKHIF’s unique demonstration space at our Leeds Forum. The forum, which brings  together industry experts from the public sector with leading innovators from the private sector, is an excellent opportunity for fast growing SMEs such as VoicePower to gain from sharing best practise and networking with a wide range of decision makers. VoicePower LTD who started supplying speech recognition in 1993 will be showcasing a very real and tangible technological solution to improve service delivery for patients and the professionals who care for them.VoicePowerLogo_RGB-1

Vicky Humberstone, who bought the business three and half years ago with co-director Sonja Brown said “VoicePower will be attending the UK Health Informatics Forum to help build upon our profile within the health sector. We want to make end users aware of the solutions that are already available to help save time and money as well as improving patient care. I look forward to the opportunity to be demonstrating leading speech recognition and digital dictation solutions with our healthcare colleagues at the forum.”

VoicePower Ltd has over 12 years of experience becoming the leading independent Digital Dictation as well as one of the most experienced speech recognition suppliers in the UK. VoicePower champions its independence and can offer a bespoke solution based upon the requirements and objectives of the organisation. Despite their size VoicePower boast an impressive range of customers including Ofsted, Care Quality Commissions and 12 individual pathology departments throughout the UK.

The UK Health Informatics Forum looks forward to welcoming Vicky and her team at VoicePower Ltd to the event and look forward to seeing her industry leading products in action. To find out more about VoicePower Ltd visit their website at:

Registration for UKHIF is still open! If you feel your health informatics solution need to be seen by key public sector professionals, register your interest at:

I am Clean Energy represent solar PV market at Powering Middle East Summit

We are pleased to welcome I am Clean Energy as the latest organisation to join our Powering Middle East Summit to be held in Amman, Jordan. The solar market within the Middle East represents a golden opportunity for renewable energy output within the region. I Am Clean Energy will help to educate the summit about the lasting advantages that PV technologies can bring.

I Am Clean Energy believes that changes to alternative sources of energy will improve efficiency whilst continuing to enhance the quality of life within the Middle East. The region is growing phenomenally and I Am Clean Energy argues that adopting a green economy now will help to increase exports of oil but as well as financial gain provide a cleaner and healthier environment. 

The summit will incImagelude a focus on the benefits of Photovoltaics (PV) which I Am Clean Energy argue will provide a safe clean,dependable transition into the future. There is still recognition about the importance of oil in the region, but working in conjunction with alternative energy sources. Welcoming I Am Clean Energy along with Industry bodies like MESIA will ensure a balanced and credible argument for the advance of solar and PV innovations. For more information about I am Clean Energy visit their website at

Solar GCC Alliance joins Powering Middle East Summit as official partner

Solar CGGSolar GCC Alliance has announced that it will be a strategic sponsor for The Powering The Middle East Summit hosted by eSE in Amman, Jordan. The Summit which takes place on 17th and 18th September has a number of key partners which bring their unique expertise and contacts into the agenda. Solar GCC Alliance joins The Middle East Solar Industry Association and ACWUA to become an official partner for this strategic summit aimed at improving electrification in the region through the innovations of renewable technologies.

Solar Alliance speaking of the partnership said “Solar GCC Alliance is very pleased to be working with the Powering The Middle East Summit. We are committed to developing relationships between Middle Eastern governments and solar innovators which will help to develop this energy rich region as a whole. This summit represents another great opportunity to bring together the key players in this industry, which we fully endorse.”

Solar GCC Alliance works to encourage collaboration between its affiliate countries which include Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan to pursue independent solar development. The organisation works as a digital platform to build relationships between its members helping them to gain market intelligence about solar markets within the region and enable them to make the connections to move forward. The partnership between Solar GCC Alliance and the Powering Middle East summit represents a shared ethos which encourages long term sustainable relationships between key stakeholders across the region.

The Middle East region represents a hot spot for energy investment with many countries building a business model for the investment in solar technology. The Powering Middle East is a rare opportunity to secure commercial leads as well as pave the way for a world leading revolution in solar adoption. We look forward to working closely with our newest partner in the lead up to the summit in September.

Find out more about Solar GCC Alliance at or the Powering Middle East Summit at If you would like to be involved within the Summit or have any comments, please use the form below.

eSE to host Gulf States version of Technology Enhanced Airports Summit.

eSE is pleased toImage confirm that the Gulf states edition of the Technology Enhanced Airport Summit (#TECHAIR) will be held in Doha, Qatar on the 29th and 30th October 2014. The premium invitation summit will follow the tailored and unique approach to forum planning enjoyed by our Middle East and UK events. We have already signed a number of key stakeholders from the airports industry who will meet with 125 delegates from the region’s governments as well as Airlines, Airport Service providers and global vendors.    

The Middle East Airport industry is growing phenomenally. Airports in the region aim to cater for 400 million passengers by 2020 which has attracted a huge influx of investment and expansions within the region’s airports. Companies from across the globe are coming into region to claim their share of contracts expected to reach $119bn by 2016.  

The Summit is designed to act as a platform for Gulf State Airport Stakeholders to develop long term partnerships, and begin the implementation of innovative technology and solutions for improving efficiency and expanding capacity. Following our proven format, the summit will be made up of a number of panel sessions chaired by industry experts. We limit the number of delegates to ensure that relationships are built on strong foundations which offer credible solutions benefiting both private sector innovators and end users.

Our agenda for the Summit is built by a panel of industry leaders ensuring that discussions are built upon the latest market Imageintelligence, but due to our approach to event planning all invited delegates have the opportunity to contribute to the agenda. Some of the initial areas highlighted for the 2014 Gulf States summit include the expansion and sustainability of existing airports, technology driven border control solutions and empowering passengers.

For more information about our Technology Enhanced Airports Summit please visit You will also find regular updates about this summit on the eSE blog page.