I am Clean Energy represent solar PV market at Powering Middle East Summit

We are pleased to welcome I am Clean Energy as the latest organisation to join our Powering Middle East Summit to be held in Amman, Jordan. The solar market within the Middle East represents a golden opportunity for renewable energy output within the region. I Am Clean Energy will help to educate the summit about the lasting advantages that PV technologies can bring.

I Am Clean Energy believes that changes to alternative sources of energy will improve efficiency whilst continuing to enhance the quality of life within the Middle East. The region is growing phenomenally and I Am Clean Energy argues that adopting a green economy now will help to increase exports of oil but as well as financial gain provide a cleaner and healthier environment. 

The summit will incImagelude a focus on the benefits of Photovoltaics (PV) which I Am Clean Energy argue will provide a safe clean,dependable transition into the future. There is still recognition about the importance of oil in the region, but working in conjunction with alternative energy sources. Welcoming I Am Clean Energy along with Industry bodies like MESIA will ensure a balanced and credible argument for the advance of solar and PV innovations. For more information about I am Clean Energy visit their website at iamcleanenergy.us.

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