Global IT experts CGI send delegation to UKHIF

We are pleased to announce that CGI, will participate in our UK Health Informatics Forum. CGI will be providing a speaker as well as utilising our unique demonstration space to showcase their experience and a range of their technology solutions that have been delivered, to scale, across the world. CGI are delivering a wide range of services to Healthcare acrossCGI logo 2013 the Nordics, Europe, US and Canada as well as in the UK.

Calum Macleod, VP Healthcare, UK at CGI commented “We are now seeing, across the healthcare market globally, a ‘quickening’ in the deployment of technology to improve the quality and productivity of Healthcare provision. Much of what is needed is now proven and available somewhere in the world. It is essential that both healthcare IT clients and providers work together so that the UK is leading the adoption of these technologies by clinicians and patients. CGI looks forward to attending the UK Health Informatics Forum and participating in the event so that we can find practical ways to accelerate and drive this adoption jointly.”

CGI Group Inc. is the fifth largest IT and business process services firm in the world working with thousands of global clients from delivery centres across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The Global Healthcare team at CGI are committed to helping their clients achieve their business goals and offer an excellent portfolio of solution that includes IT consulting, application development and support. Within the UK it is delivering a range of solutions with a number of clients including: Portals; leading Mobile applications; reliable IT infrastructure; and support of Clinical solutions.

The UK Health Informatics Forum offers a very profitable platform to share and apply these solutions to genuine issues faced by end users from both public and private providers. We look forward to welcoming CGI to Leeds and the innovative solutions they will bring with them.

To find out more about the CGI group visit: or if you would like your organisation to join CGI at the forum, register your interest at:

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