Global JinkoSolar brings solar expertise to Powering Middle East Summit.

The Powering Middle East Summit in Jordan is becoming a hub for solar industry experts following the introduction of JinkoSolar. The global reaching integrated PV provider will be sending a speaker with their delegation and is certain to bring a wide range of experience from contrasting solar markets. JinkoSolar, who operate in China, are developing their customer base into the Middle East region and have seen the benefits of positioning themselves within this top level summit.jinko logo

Arturo Herrero, CSO at JinkoSolarsaid “We are very excited to be speaking at the Powering Middle East Summit. The Summit is a very positive platform for advancing the development of PV solutions into the Middle East which is crucial to support growth in region. We have a very diverse market share which gives us in-depth knowledge, which we look forward to discussing with our solar industry colleagues.”

Jinko Solar’s global reach spans the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Africa with the top market share in China, Italy and South Africa. The company has over 10,000 employees globally with sales offices in 14 countries making JinkoSolar a multi-cultural producer. JinkoSolar also have a vertically integrated product chain which gives them expertise in the production and sale of electricity in China as well as the development and distribution of PV Solar technology across the Americas, Africa and Europe.

We are very pleased to welcome JinkoSolar to the Powering Middle East Summit and look forward to the contribution they are set to make to the MENA region. To find out more information about JinkoSolar and their global offices visit: If you are a renewable energy innovator looking to develop in the MENA region and would benefit from attending #POWERINGME, register your interest at:


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