‘ACWUA’ continues support of Powering Middle East Summit

The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) has offered its continuing support to the Powering Middle East Summit series. The summit has already set itself up as a hub for solar innovators and experts but is also a strong platform for the development and adoption of water energy technologies. By welcoming ACWUA as an official sponsor, the summit will become an opportunity for the region to consider the growing need for water management and productiGoogle - ACWUA logoon technologies.

H.E Khaldon Khashman, who will be speaking on behalf of ACWUA at the summit, commented “I look forward to representing ACWUA at the Powering Middle East Summit in Jordan. There are a number of chronic problems within the water sector, such as water scarcity, poor environmental policies and an increasing demand from a growing population. It is therefore crucial to bring together and engage professionals and governments across the borders of the Arab world. We fully support the organisation of this summit and are hopeful it will be a leap forward in the development of sustainable water resources across the region.”

On 30 July 2009, the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA), was officially launched in Amman, Jordan and the ACWUA Secretariat office is located permanently in Amman. ACWUA is a Global Exchange Platform for Water and Wastewater Utilities in the Arab World; it is the centre point where regional and international experts would meet to exchange their knowledge and expertise, get introduced to latest water technologies and seek the utmost benefit for all.

ACWUA is a regional center of excellence that partners with water supply and wastewater utilities in Arab Countries, the association is working on expanding its members network to reach more than 100 water utilities, private sector companies and academic institutions. ACWUA has signed several agreements and memorandums of understanding with various international organizations, which led to extensive benefits to the association, and a great support in achieving its goals and objectives.

ACWUA’s partnership will ensure that the summit agenda will encourage debate and strengthen relationships between key delegates from the water energy sector.  eSE is pleased to continue our work with ACWUA to bring water energy solutions to the MENA region. To find out more about ACWUA visit: http://www.acwua.org/.


If you would like your water energy organisation to be participate within the Powering Middle East Sustainable Resources Summit, please register your interest at http://ese-poweringmena.bksites.net/register-1. A special rate is available to members of ACWUA to take participate. Comments and questions welcome using the contact form below.







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