Ricoh UK sponsored research shows Healthcare Leaders believe Technology will drive change.

Research from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has found that 71% of healthcare leaders believe their organisation needs to change faster over the next three years. The report, which was commissioned by Ricoh UK, also argued that more than half of European healthcare professionals believe technology is the single biggest contributor to change. The findings highlight the growing importance of technology adoption with healthcare services.Ricoh

A number of concerns were indicated by the project including the time constraints imposed on healthcare professionals to implement changes, as well as the challenges involved with linking technology platforms across a number of initiatives. The new EIU study titled ‘The Challenge of Speed’ interviewed leaders from hospitals, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals and has shown there is a consensus that new technologies are crucial to help the NHS achieve a better level of patient care. The NHS is currently undertaking a challenging process of digitisation as it attempts to meet an ambitious paperless target by 2018.

Alisdair McCormick, National Sales Director – Government, at Ricoh UK commented “The need for immediate and secure access to medical information that is easily shareable between patients and healthcare providers – coupled with access to critical information at any time, from any location – are crucial factors increasing pressure on UK healthcare leaders to become more digitally-centric”.

Ricoh UK is a strategic sponsor of the eSE’s UK Health Informatics Forum, which is a platform for bringing together decision makers from private sector technology providers and public sector healthcare providers. The findings of Ricoh’s commissioned report echo the objectives and issues highlighted by our ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ and delegates participating. Discussion topics for the day include utilising and managing data and the current technology available to healthcare providers to improve efficiency and produce a cost effective healthcare model.Ricoh Human

To read more about the ‘Challenge of Speed’ visit or more information about eSE’s UK Health Informatics Forum register your interest at for a call back from one of the team.



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