UKHIF Agenda Board brings together wealth of expertise from public and private sector.

eSE events work closely with a number of senior level professionals from public sector bodies, private sector companies and trade associations to form our top level VIP forums. Our UK Health Informatics Forum (UKHIF) series, along with our other international and UK Public Sector events, utilises our unique ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ platform which brings together a wealth of experience from across these three sectors.

L-R: Trevor Single, Dr Masood Nazir and Dr Mark Davies at the Bristol UKHIF

The Agenda Advisory Board for UKHIF is no exception and benefits from the wide range of experience of its carefully selected members. Board members for our second forum, to be held in Leeds, bring together expertise from NHS England, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP), Bristol Community Health and the Telecare Services Association. The board members assist our Summit Director with shaping the themes for discussion around our four key interactive panel sessions; this ensures that the topics discussed on the day are based on the latest market intelligence and issues faced by both public and private sector healthcare providers.

Professor Jonathan Kay (Clinical Informatics Director) and Dr Masood Nazir (Clinical Informatics Advisor) are representing NHS England; both will be contributing public sector issues to the agenda including the role of CCGs and the integration of health and social care providers. Trevor Single (CEO- Telecare Services Association) will be exploring concerns within the private sector Telehealth market involving empowering patients and adopting existing technology to improve integration. Max Jones (Director of Data and Information Services), our fourth agenda board member comes from public body the HSCIC. Max brings previous private sector experience mixed with a clear insight into the digitalisation process of the NHS. Dr Mark Davies, who has spent the last 10 years in national IT leadership positions brings expertise in understanding, managing and utilising data and will chair our fourth panel session. Julia Clarke (Chief Executive Bristol Community Health) has particular expertise in rolling out an innovative mobile working platform. Julia brings previous experience within hospital management and a keen interest in self-care supported through telehealth systems including systems enabled health coaching. Our final board member is Dr Gwyn Thomas (Chairman UKCHIP). Gwyn brings a wide range of experience from a number of public sector ICT roles and has a unique insight into end users working with healthcare technology.

All members of our Leeds ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ attended our Bristol summit and are committed to this unique platform positioned as the next step from trade shows and exhibitions. Delegates from both public and private sector participating in the forum can submit their own agenda points to be included within the creation process.

eSE is pleased to be working with this diverse board of leading expertise within the health informatics sector, and is fully confident in the structure of debate they have put in place. If you would like your own organisation involved within the forum, register your interest at for a call back from one of our team.

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