Communication Technology Solutions on the Agenda at Emergency Services Forum

Following our forum planning process, we have spent the last few months working closely with our ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ members and Chief Fire, Police and Ambulance service officers to pull together the key themes for our Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. The topics brought forward represent a need to facilitate an environment suitable to foster new relationships between B2B suppliers as well as connecting end users with innovative solutions. Themes suggested include integration of services between ‘Command and Control Centres’ and ‘ICT Solutions’ for back office support as well as front line services.

The latest communication technologies offer a turning point for emergency services efficiency. In the UK ’The’ Emergency Services Mobile Communications Program’ will replace the current framework supplied by ‘Ariwave’ with a new national mobile communication service across the emergency services and other government organisations using the current system. The new platform will be hosted directly by the Home Office and will take advantage of the latest mobile technologies. This development has allowed British APCO to work closely with the Cabinet Office and the Welsh government to improve the exchanging of incidents and data between agency control rooms. It is vital that service providers understand the different level of requirements when reporting incidents within each emergency service which is where the expertise of private sector technology developers can be a real asset.

An area of concern highlighted by UKTEES end users included the speed and accuracy of front line captured date to back office support. Police officers in Avon and Somerset and West Hampshire have recently taken part in a three month NPIA (now part of the Home Office) pilot project using digital technology to take witness statements and send them back to the force electronically. The project is estimated to have save 780 hours of police time across the two forces highlighting the measurable benefits that technology enhancement will provide. It has also been announced in the mainstream media that body cameras will shortly be piloted within ten London boroughs of the Met Police force as well as forces in North West Yorkshire. A number of technologies have already been enrolled internationally including GIS systems which provide American emergency services electronic mapping and emergency management systems to help obtain accurate data faster. Another technology development includes a new ‘Text with 911’ service which aids communication between deaf-blind service users and the emergency services.

This forum has been specifically designed with the contribution from end users and our agenda board made up of ICT and Technology officers, Directors of Modernisation and chief executives of Emergency Services. There is a clear focus on the deployment of support technology for both front line and command and control centre support. We are pleased to welcome constabularies and emergency services from across the country to Liverpool and private sector companies from security, software, vehicle technology and communications providers.TEES-Forum-Logo-web

To find out more about the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, visit to register for a call back from one of the team.


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