Renewable Energy Facilitator, 3TIER Services, Attending Powering Middle East Summit

The Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to welcome 3TIER Services, a leading renewable energy assessment and forecasting company recently acquired and now operated by Vaisala. The eSE summit is designed to support the discussions required to identify viable technological solutions to issues faced by stakeholders across the renewable energy industry. 3TIER has been an independent voice in the renewable energy sector for over a decade and its position is further strengthened through its recent union with Vaisala, a global leader in weather measurement with over 75 years of experience. By incorporating the latest scientific and academic research into its services, the organization helps clients better quantify project and energy integration risk, which makes its representatives an invaluable source of information for3Tier summit participants.

The company has a global presence with offices in over 30 countries supporting customers in more than 150 countries. With expertise in weather, climate, and renewable risk, its efforts have helped some of the world’s largest utilities, energy traders, financiers, and project developers make profitable energy decisions. The company’s measurement, assessment, and forecasting capabilities offer wind and solar products and services that span the entire product lifecycle, from early stage site identification through to energy yield assessments and ongoing operational forecasting.

Steve Ross, Regional Manager, Vaisala (formerly 3TIER) commented, “The Powering Middle East Summit is an excellent strategic platform to build upon relationships and promote our unmatched track record in the renewable energy sector. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping identify future renewable energy potential within the MENA region.”

To find out more about 3TIER click here. Registration for #POWERINGME is still open with a number of participation options available. Register your interest online for a call-back from one of the team:

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