SMA brings ‘Energy that Changes’ to Powering Middle East Summit. 

The Powering Middle East Summit (#POWERINGME) facilitated by eSE for the Arab Renewable Energy Commission has become a key meeting point for solar PV producers around the world, including the USA, China, within the Middle East and Europe. We are pleased to welcome globally represented PV Inverter and system technology manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG to our Jordan summit, SMA is present across photovoltaic markets in 21 countries. The company has over 5000 employees and last year reached a sales volume of $932.5m in 2013.

SMA has a diverse portfolio of products and solar PV solutions and has been developing technological solutions, as well as pioneering trends in this sector for more than 30 years, making SMA a defined market leader. SMA produces technologically leading inverters which converts the direct current generated from PV cells into alternating current suitable for the requirements of the relevant power distribution grid. SMA inverters go further and provide important grid management functions, which become more crucial as electricity production from renewable sources grows. sma-solar-technology-logo

SMA products work across all range of module types and plant sizes, from domestic residential systems to large scale plants and grid connected installations all over the world. SMA also produces the plant monitoring and visualization products, along with energy management systems, that help manage operations for renewable energy projects. In addition to this, SMA runs the ‘SMA Solar Academy’ which helps to train plant planners, installers, electrically qualified personnel and those interested in solar power. This wide range of expertise and a developed and diverse portfolio of PV related products and services make SMA Solar Technology AG an important player within our tailored summit.

Thomas Gotz, Vice President of Sales at SMA commented “SMA is very pleased to be participating within the Powering Middle East and I look forward to contributing to the agenda for the day. Solar PV technologies offer a reliable source of energy that with the right management solutions can provide a sustainable electricity grid for economically growing MENA regions. I look forward to discussing large scale PV installations; explain the importance of the inverter together with some information on its influence to cash-flow and risk. Finally there will also be an outlook on how we see the future of PV power plants.”
To find out more about SMA Solar Technology AG please visit: . For registration details please contact one of the team by visiting


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