The Altrax Group brings ‘Traceability’ expertise to UK Health Informatics Forum

The UK Health Informatics Forum (UKHIF) is pleased to welcome the Altrax Group to our industry backed forum, which is now one of the showcase events within the Grand Depart International Business Festival. UKHIF will help to showcase innovations from  the healthcare and informatics sector in Leeds and the private sector organisations participating within our forum will help to do just that. The Altrax group lead the way for the supply of traceability, accountability and management solutions for Sterile Services. The effective management of resources is crucial to maintaining an effective service and the Altrax Group’s specialist solutions are designed to ensure healthcare providers meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

altrax-group small logo

The Altrax Group has built over 30 years’ worth of experience within the healthcare sector from its initial beginnings at the forefront of designing and developing bar-code labelling systems – one of which was created for the growing healthcare sector during the 1980s. The group work with both the NHS and private hospital groups in the UK and has built a strong client base overseas including the Middle East, Australia, Russia, South America, Canada and the USA.

Across the world, the Altrax Group, through its ‘Meditrax’ and ‘Scantrack’ Divisions are managing healthcare systems ranging from simple manual solutions to state of the art electronic tracking and traceability, and building some of the world’s leading healthcare systems. Furthermore the group is at the forefront of a unique laser marking technology designed for healthcare, developed using technology pioneered by NASA. It is the first such solution to be accredited as a GS1 UK Certified Solution.

The Altrax group offer our delegates an excellent opportunity to learn from an organisation that  has built and developed a healthcare informatics solution which has grown with the healthcare sector. We look forward to welcoming the delegation from Altrax Group to Leeds in July. To find out more about the Altrax Group visit: Registration for new delegates has now closed but to find out more about the UK Health informatics Forum or to get in contact visit: www.esehealth.comaltrax-group-healthcare-bg



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