Ortivus AB brings MobiMed Smart to UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum

Registration for the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum (#UKTEES) is well underway. The forum, which is partnered by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, has already attracted strong representation from the public sector including BAPCO, Lancashire Constabulary and the South Central Ambulance Service. We are pleased to start announcing some of the private sector innovators which have been highlighted by our end users as innovators for the UK Emergency Services sector.

Ortivus logo

eSE is pleased to welcome Ortivus AB to our Liverpool forum; Ortivus is a leading supplier of mobile solutions for modern emergency medical care. Ortivus has 30 years of experience in cardiology and of developing mobile monitoring and communication solutions, and offers reliable, patient-friendly and cost-effective decision support systems that save lives and reduce suffering.

Ortivus is a listed company on NASDAQ OMX and was founded in 1985 with the purpose of developing and manufacturing a unique system for monitoring patients suffering from ischemic heart disease – MIDA (Myocardial Ischemia Dynamic Analysis). Ortivus UK was established in 1998 to market and support MobiMed on the British healthcare market.

MobiMed Smart is a diagnosis and decision support for ambulance care. It helps ambulance staff to handle documentation and monitoring whilst in the field, but above all a structured work method, guide lines and prehospital pathways can be easily introduced and adapted to the needs of their work. This supports fMobiMedlogo_1000uture developments in clinical and operative prehospital care processes.

Features of MobiMed Smart include PDS look up, smart-card login and monitoring with clinical background from cardiac critical care. It has a process-oriented workflow in accordance with PHTLS and AMLS, is easy to configure and adapt to any clinical standard (such as JRCALC, Snomed, etc.), and to integrate with CAD, defibrillators, information systems at hospitals, etc.

Ortivus is an excellent example of innovation within the emergency healthcare market both at home and internationally. We look forward to welcoming the delegation from Ortivus to Liverpool in November. To find out more about Ortivus visit:http://www.ortivus.se/en-gb/About-Ortivus/

Registration for our UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum is still open. To register your interest and chat with our project manager visit: www.ese-Ortivusemergencyservices.com/register

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