Bellis-Jones Hill Showcasing Performance Management Innovation at UKHIF

We are pleased to welcome another healthcare technology innovator utilising our exclusive demonstration space at the Leeds UK Healthcare Informatics Forum. Performance management experts Bellis-Jones Hill has been delivering healthcare management information systems for over 15 years and are their solutions are currently helping finance and clinical staff at over 40 NHS Trusts improve efficiency and make more informed decisions.

Healthcare Management solutions.JPEG-1

They will be demonstrating their revolutionary new SQL translating software SAM, a solution which allows Business Intelligence tools to be bolted on top of SQL databases without the need for complex scripting to matching the two systems.

Bellis-Jones Hill is already one of the leading providers of Business Intelligence software QlikView within the NHS and has been delivering powerful applications to Trusts for years. This exciting new development looks to harness NHS Trusts’ SQL experience and create standardised metrics which can then be feed up to a QlikView application – meaning clients get the benefit of the latest in Business Intelligence technology without the need to train or hire new developers.

We look forward to welcoming Bellis-Jones Hill, the leading authority NHS performance management, to our Leeds Forum. The solutions to be demonstrated offer an excellent ex
ample of the forum’s aim – bringing together solutions that make a measured difference to efficiency within healthcare provision. To find out more about Bellis-Jones Hill and their healthcare solutions visit:

Registration for the UK Health Informatics Forum is now closed but to find out more information or get in contact please visit:  Bellis Jones Hill



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