Clarity Informatics’ IT Solutions welcomed to UK Health Informatics Forum

In our latest welcome post eSE are pleased to welcome a provider of innovative IT solutions, which puts patient experience at the heart of its solutions. Clarity Informatics will be sending a delegation to our Leeds UK Health Informatics Forum, now part of the Grand Départ International Business Festival. Clarity Informatics originally grew out of an academic department based within Newcastle University and has been producing state of the art IT solutions for the healthcare industry since 2000. The product portfolio put forward by the company is designed to improve patient safety aClaritynd outcomes whilst saving clinical time has proven to be extremely cost-effective.

Clarity’s expert team of clinicians, researchers and software specialists aim to create internationally renowned healthcare networks which are based on real time data and analytics to empower patients and improve outcomes, whilst helping healthcare providers save costs without cutting resources. The solutions which assist end users to work efficiently are developed based on high quality clinical knowledge, Informatics expertise in coding and decision support, the handling an processing sensitive information, software development of web-based products and expertise in clinical leadership.

Clarity Informatics has produced an excellent array of products which have been proven to save time, money and lives. The flagship products include ‘NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries” which provide up to date NICE accredited information for professionals working in primary care. Secondly, The Quality Improvement Service which is a programme improving the quality of patient experience by highlighting evidence based quality measures and benchmarking performance which enables change through clinical collaboration. Clarity Informatics also produces an Appraisal Toolkit; thiClarity doctorss creates a secure online resource for doctors to help complete appraisals identifying issues and solutions within service delivery. The company has now developed a ground breaking appraisal toolkit for nurses with Cumberlege Eden Partnership and FoNS, Centre of Nursing Innovation.

The solutions developed by Clarity are a seamless example of end user informatics which can improve the everyday working lives of healthcare providers whilst providing the overall organisation with measurable savings and boost in productivity. We look forward to welcoming Clarity Informatics to our Leeds forum. To find out more about Clarity Informatics visit: 

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