Baywater Healthcare join telehealth expertise at Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum

eSE’s Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum (#UKTCF)  brings together leading telehealth and telecare innovators from the private sector, with expertise and health authorities from across the country. Our first welcome post introduces a specialist provider of Homecare services to patients with long term conditions. Innovation within the telecare industry is particularly important in helping to reduce costs and improve continui2col-Baywater-Healthcare-landscape-logong care deliverance for regular healthcare service users. This is central to the aims of the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum.

We are pleased to welcome Baywater Healthcare to our Manchester forum. Baywater Healthcare has extensive experience of delivering high quality and cost-effective in-home services to patients living with a range of conditions and disabilities. Services include: home oxygen supplies, nebuliser, ventilation, CPAP support for sleep disorders, and telehealth solutions for long term condition management. Baywater Healthcare improves the healthcare system by reducing hospital admissions, co-morbidities and other secondary effects, whilst providing a service which is focused on delivering an exceptional level of patient care and customer service. Patients are also offered support throughout their therapy in the form of training at home, 24/7 support and advice from specialist clinical nurse advisors.

Shawn Lainchbury, Business Development Manager at Baywater Healthcare said “The Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum is an excellent opportunity for Baywater Healthcare to develop new partnerships with healthcare providers throughout the UK. We all share the same aim to improve patient care and service delivery.  We look forward to showcasing our range of enhancing services, which improve patient’s quality of life and take back some of the restraints long term health conditions impose.”

Baywater Healthcare will be utilizing our unique demonstration area to showcase the services which are currently aiding over 25,000 patients and their families, helping them to maintain their mobility, independence and quality of life.  Visit the Baywater Healthcare website at: Baywater Healthcare Image

A number of participation options for private sector telehealth innovators are still available. To register your interest visit or use the contact form below to get in touch with the eSE team. Thank you.



Powering Middle East Summit welcomes return of First Solar

eSE is very happy to welcome global solar solutions leader, First Solar, to our Jordan ‘Powering Middle East’ summit. First Solar will deliver a specialist presentation for participants imparting expertise from throughout their 15 years and 9 gigawatts (GW) of worldwide experience. First Solar believes that reliable and affordable solar energy can play a role in combating fuel price volatility by creating a diversified energy mix; in the Middle East it has built the region’s largest photovoltaic (PV) power plant – the 13 megawatt (MW) first phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai – and helped co-develop the 52.5MW Shams Ma’an project in Jordan.  FS Logo 2008-CYMK-1795C

An independent, pure-play renewable energy company, First Solar is truly vertically integrated, with competencies ranging from R&D to module recycling. With the industry’s largest R&D investment, First Solar has consistently improved efficiencies, achieving breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace, while also addressing specific customer needs with diversified services and solutions. The industry’s strongest balance sheet and a reputation for quality has translated into First Solar being the technology provider of choice for debt-financed projects around the world.

Ahmed S. Nada, First Solar’s VP for the Middle East, commented, “First Solar is pleased to be able to demonstrate how it combines innovation and technology to help sustainably address the region’s energy needs, at the Powering the Middle East Summit. We believe that sunlight is the region’s most abundant energy resource and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our experience in enabling our partners’ ambitions to harness clean, reliable and affordable solar electricity.”

Powering Middle East is an excellent platform to bring the long term benefits of solar power to the forefront of discussions and work with Middle Eastern energy ministers to create a sustainable economic plan for the future. We are pleased that First Solar will continue to be involved within our ‘Power’ series. For more information about First Solar, please
First Solar Panels
If your organisation is looking to produce renewable energy solutions in the Middle East and should be involved with our summit, register your details at for a call-back from our project manager.

Bird & Bird joins Powering Middle East Summit as ‘International Law Partner’ 

The Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to introduce the summit’s ‘International Law Partner’ Bird & Bird. The law firm will bring an invaluable grasp of strategic commercial issues faced by renewable energy innovators, MENA government ministers and industry bodies. Legislative restrictions will play a key part within the POWERINGME agenda, and Bird & Bird, with its combination of global expertise and deep industry knowledge built across Europe, The Middle East and Asia, will be able to address them.

As the Middle East looks to move away from dependence on oil revenues, many international companies are looking to expand, invest in or develop renewable energy projects within the lucrative MENA market. Bird & Bird uses their UAE based team to provide local expertise while demonstrating a deep understanding of renewable energy projects and ‘CleanTech’ innovation within a global context. BIRD&BIRD_POS_LOGO_CMYK_GREEN

Many organisations have sought Bird & Bird’s assistance to invest in or develop technological solutions to combat issues resulting from climate change and energy security. These range from developers or landowners to local authorities and financiers across a range of renewable industries such as solar, hydro and offshore wind power as well as biomass energy. Bird & Bird’s broad experience of the sector  will help to shape the summit agenda and contribute to developing solutions to the most current issues faced by our participants such as  solar and wind feed-in-tariffs, the unbundling of European energy supplies and advice on the usage of ‘Carbon Credits’.

Andrew Renton, Partner at International Energy and Utilities Sector Group, Bird & Bird, said: “We are delighted to be involved in the Powering Middle East Summit as its ‘International Law Partner’. The Summit represents a fantastic opportunity to spearhead new innovation and projects in the region by helping delegates overcome some of the legislative uncertainties which are restricting project implementation. Local authorities, particularly in Jordan, are now setting out attractive incentives to help advance green energy projects. We hope to help companies and innovators looking to build new relationships in this sector capitalise on opportunities that are available to them. ”

Is your organisation developing renewable energy projects within the MENA region? Or are you a public sector official within the MENA renewable energy sector? Delegate passes for our Jordan Powering Middle East Summit are limited. Register your interest at or email for further details.

Bird and Bird image

Powering Middle East Summit welcomes speaker from AustrianSolar

AustrianSolar_logo (2)




The Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to announce that AustrianSolar will join the Jordan summit in September. AustrianSolar is yet another internationally recognised industry player that strengthens the summits reputation as a platform for solar industry stakeholders to build upon investments within the MENA region. AustrianSolar has a proven track record of delivering efficient, innovative and reliable PV technology and operational systems and will bring this expertise to the Middle East.

Summit attendees will be able to take inspiration from AustrianSolar’s Theodore Tsacheff, who will be speaking at the event. Theodore, who is Business Development Director, said “The Powering Middle East Summit is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the region’s decision makers with genuine solar industry solutions. The relationships built at these forums are crucial to create a new sustainable approach to meeting MENA region’s fast growing energy demand through cost effective and sustainable   solutions. AustrianSolar is looking forward to sharing its experience and expertise and developing mutually beneficial business relationships within the MENA region”.

AustrianSolar (previously known as Austrian Enviro Technologies) was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The company is an independent developer of utility-scale solar photo-voltaic power plants and has a developed projects in Europe and Latin America, where it has built grid parity project pipelines with a combined capacity of 900+MWp. AustrianSolar is now present in the Middle East where it has  started operations to realize the identified opportunities in these emerging  solar markets.

AustrianSolar is a valuable participant in the summit offering to share a great deal of experience from its fully integrated product portfolio across project development, commeAustrain solar headerrcial and technical advisory . eSE looks forward to welcoming Theodore and the AustrianSolar delegation to the Jordan summit. Read more about AustrianSolar at

Are you a solar energy developer or renewable technology innovator conducting business in the Middle East? Registration for our Powering Middle East Summit is still open! Register your interest at for a chat with one of the eSE team.



‘Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum’ brings together telehealth expertise and innovation.

eSE is pleased to announce that the UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum will take place on October 16th in Manchester. The forum, which is based on the format of the industry-backed Health Informatics Forum, is already attracting strong representation from the public sector with a number of local councils, NHS trusts and care homes sending dweb version PNGelegates.

The Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum (#UKTCF) brings together innovation in telecare services and remote patient monitoring solutions, with public sector expertise across the healthcare sector. The agenda for the three panel sessions will be formulated by an ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ which benefits from senior level expertise and experience, from across the private and public telehealth industry. Attendance for the forum is by invite only and is once again limited to 125, to ensure that genuine and sustainable partnerships are formed, to help implement real solutions which improve service delivery and healthcare management

WSD Action Network figures show that between 1.6 and 1.7 million people in England are already benefitting from telecare services. This growing figure is helping England to take the lead among European countries in producing telehealth innovation and services. However, this area of healthcare is becoming increasingly scrutinised, as restraints in funding highlight the unsustainability of the NHS’s current approach to the care of patients with long term conditions. The number of patients with one or more of these long term conditions is expected to grow by 23% over the next twenty years as the average population age, and patient to doctor ratios continue to increase.

The UKTCF forum will play in a key role in exploring the viability and advancement of private sector telehealth or ‘remote patient monitoring’ solutions, which can help providers remotely monitor patient’s physiological and health status. The forum will also highlight the increase in telecare services, which enables older and vulnerable individuals to continue living independently and safely within their own homes. Patients, who have been able to manage their own conditions, have benefitted from an increased quality of life, less travel for check-ups and fewer unplanned hospital visits. The Whole System Demonstrator study proved that, if used correctly, telehealth services could help to reduce A&E visits by 15% and reduce emergency admissions by 20%.COPYRIGHT SIMON PRICE 07977 073674

The benefits of telehealth and homecare technologies seem apparent, however investment in telehealth technologies from the public sector has continued
to face constraints due to lack of evidence and financial pressures. The UK Technology Enhanced Homecare forum aims to facilitate the relationships between the public and private sector needed to help advance telehealth innovation, which will provide long term benefit to service providers and patients.

If your organisation supplies technology solutions to homecare providers or you are a healthcare provider interested in this field, please register your interest at or use the contact form below. Follow all the latest updates from our Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum on Twitter at @UKHealth_Forum. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #UKTCF.


A Summary: Leeds UK Health Informatics Forum


The second UK Health Informatics Forum in Leeds enjoyed a fantastic turn-out of high profile delegates creating some enthusiastic and heartfelt discussion throughout the day. The forum, which was one of the showcase events within the Grand Départ International Business Festival, brought together a wide range of experts and innovators from across the UK public and private healthcare sector. The aim was to create new, sustainable partnerships and to introduce innovative solutions that can improve service delivery, cost efficiency and working practises throughout the NHS and private hospital groups.

The ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ helped this year’s agenda to build strongly upon the themes raised at our initial Bristol Health Informatics Forum, whilst our partners ensured that innovation and best practise from the UK’s ‘First City of Health and Innovation’ were present throughout. Audience delegates contributed to all of the four interactive panel sessions with a number of challenging questions and thought provoking observations.

A number of the key messages from our Leeds Forum are summarised as follows:

  • There is a need for ‘stronger and clearer’ communication between CCGs and innovation from within the private sector.
  • Panellists and audience delegates questioned whether the healthcare industry can learn from the financial sector? Many comparisons to internet banking services were made during panel sessions
  • NHS culture is currently adverse to risk in terms of technology adoption. A change in culture is needed to advance.
  • NHS organisations should be treated as ‘Investment centres’ rather than cost centres. Organisations need to move away from the focus of technology adoption as a cost saving tool.
  • Patients should be empowered around their own data creation and usage. Patients that can use their own data to determine care will be have better outputs.
  • Does restriction in public sector healthcare technology investment come from a lack of ambition? Or from financial restraints?
  • Panellists debated whether patients need ‘Purchasing Power’ to have a say in healthcare delivery.

Informatics solutions and partnerships introduced throughout the day included NHS trusts that use  mobile phone apps to help monitor patients with long term medical conditions and administer care appropriately, a partnership between Bristol Community Health and TotalMobile, which is helping nurses save at least an hour of their day through innovative mobile working solutions, and Sensium Healthcare’s ‘SensiumVitals’ which enables nurses to monitor their patients condition without routine and invasive checks.

Audience 2014

UKHIF audience delegates filling the Leeds Met Hotel

We will be distributing the post forum summary, produced by the University of Leeds, to all participants very soon; delegates will also be able to view images and video footage from the forum alongside this over the coming days. eSE would like to thank our partners Leeds and Partners, the HSCIC and the University of Leeds as well as all of the private and public sector delegates that attended and contributed so enthusiastically.

We hope to continue our work with all of the UK Health Informatics Forum participants and ensuring the series remains a continuing success.

Were you at the UK Health Informatics Forum? Let us know the key messages which were most important to you, and your thought about the day using the contact form below:



Powering Middle East welcomes multi-specialist eco engineering experts EcoSol

We are pleased to welcome Jordan/Saudi based ‘Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions’ (EcoSol) to the Powering Middle East Summit. The September summit is a strategic meeting point for innovators and renewable energy solution providers to meet with officials from ten MENA governments, and to highlight the alternative energy solutions available. The unique scale of this summit allows participants to learn from the expertise already within the booming renewable energy market, this makes EcoSol a profitable addition to the proceedings.

EcoSol is a leading energy, water and sustainability solutions provider that has been involved in implementing sustainable solutions throughout Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The company specializes  in a range of renewable energy studies as well as  project implementation, this expertise spans across Solar PV Systems, Solar Power Plants, Wind Energy, Bio Gas Energy and Solar Thermal Systems in addition to Energy Efficiency and Green Buildings.  EcoSol are leaders in the Jordan RE market making them an invaluable source of expertise for delegates at the Summit. Ecosol attribute its success to its highly qualified experts in energy engineering, green building and energy water management and tailoring specialized programs and projects both regionally and locally.EcoSol

Beyond Ecosol, its team members are founders and active members within a number of related organizations, both locally and globally, including the Jordan Green Building Council, Jordan AEE Energy Chapter and US Green Buildings Council.  We look forward to welcoming EcoSol’s wide range of experience to the summit and believe their presence reinforces the commitment of Powering the Middle East towards the various forms of renewable energy projects that can improve electrification for the MENA region in an environmentally conscious but cost effective and efficient way.

Registration for the Powering Middle East Summit is still open for both public sector delegates and renewable energy innovators investing into the regions energy projects. Register your interest at for a call-back from our Powering Middle East Project Manager. Find out more about EcoSol at