Powering Middle East welcomes multi-specialist eco engineering experts EcoSol

We are pleased to welcome Jordan/Saudi based ‘Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions’ (EcoSol) to the Powering Middle East Summit. The September summit is a strategic meeting point for innovators and renewable energy solution providers to meet with officials from ten MENA governments, and to highlight the alternative energy solutions available. The unique scale of this summit allows participants to learn from the expertise already within the booming renewable energy market, this makes EcoSol a profitable addition to the proceedings.

EcoSol is a leading energy, water and sustainability solutions provider that has been involved in implementing sustainable solutions throughout Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The company specializes  in a range of renewable energy studies as well as  project implementation, this expertise spans across Solar PV Systems, Solar Power Plants, Wind Energy, Bio Gas Energy and Solar Thermal Systems in addition to Energy Efficiency and Green Buildings.  EcoSol are leaders in the Jordan RE market making them an invaluable source of expertise for delegates at the Summit. Ecosol attribute its success to its highly qualified experts in energy engineering, green building and energy water management and tailoring specialized programs and projects both regionally and locally.EcoSol

Beyond Ecosol, its team members are founders and active members within a number of related organizations, both locally and globally, including the Jordan Green Building Council, Jordan AEE Energy Chapter and US Green Buildings Council.  We look forward to welcoming EcoSol’s wide range of experience to the summit and believe their presence reinforces the commitment of Powering the Middle East towards the various forms of renewable energy projects that can improve electrification for the MENA region in an environmentally conscious but cost effective and efficient way.

Registration for the Powering Middle East Summit is still open for both public sector delegates and renewable energy innovators investing into the regions energy projects. Register your interest at www.ese-power.com/register for a call-back from our Powering Middle East Project Manager. Find out more about EcoSol at www.ecosol-int.com

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