A Summary: Leeds UK Health Informatics Forum


The second UK Health Informatics Forum in Leeds enjoyed a fantastic turn-out of high profile delegates creating some enthusiastic and heartfelt discussion throughout the day. The forum, which was one of the showcase events within the Grand Départ International Business Festival, brought together a wide range of experts and innovators from across the UK public and private healthcare sector. The aim was to create new, sustainable partnerships and to introduce innovative solutions that can improve service delivery, cost efficiency and working practises throughout the NHS and private hospital groups.

The ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ helped this year’s agenda to build strongly upon the themes raised at our initial Bristol Health Informatics Forum, whilst our partners ensured that innovation and best practise from the UK’s ‘First City of Health and Innovation’ were present throughout. Audience delegates contributed to all of the four interactive panel sessions with a number of challenging questions and thought provoking observations.

A number of the key messages from our Leeds Forum are summarised as follows:

  • There is a need for ‘stronger and clearer’ communication between CCGs and innovation from within the private sector.
  • Panellists and audience delegates questioned whether the healthcare industry can learn from the financial sector? Many comparisons to internet banking services were made during panel sessions
  • NHS culture is currently adverse to risk in terms of technology adoption. A change in culture is needed to advance.
  • NHS organisations should be treated as ‘Investment centres’ rather than cost centres. Organisations need to move away from the focus of technology adoption as a cost saving tool.
  • Patients should be empowered around their own data creation and usage. Patients that can use their own data to determine care will be have better outputs.
  • Does restriction in public sector healthcare technology investment come from a lack of ambition? Or from financial restraints?
  • Panellists debated whether patients need ‘Purchasing Power’ to have a say in healthcare delivery.

Informatics solutions and partnerships introduced throughout the day included NHS trusts that use  mobile phone apps to help monitor patients with long term medical conditions and administer care appropriately, a partnership between Bristol Community Health and TotalMobile, which is helping nurses save at least an hour of their day through innovative mobile working solutions, and Sensium Healthcare’s ‘SensiumVitals’ which enables nurses to monitor their patients condition without routine and invasive checks.

Audience 2014

UKHIF audience delegates filling the Leeds Met Hotel

We will be distributing the post forum summary, produced by the University of Leeds, to all participants very soon; delegates will also be able to view images and video footage from the forum alongside this over the coming days. eSE would like to thank our partners Leeds and Partners, the HSCIC and the University of Leeds as well as all of the private and public sector delegates that attended and contributed so enthusiastically.

We hope to continue our work with all of the UK Health Informatics Forum participants and ensuring the series remains a continuing success.

Were you at the UK Health Informatics Forum? Let us know the key messages which were most important to you, and your thought about the day using the contact form below:



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