‘Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum’ brings together telehealth expertise and innovation.

eSE is pleased to announce that the UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum will take place on October 16th in Manchester. The forum, which is based on the format of the industry-backed Health Informatics Forum, is already attracting strong representation from the public sector with a number of local councils, NHS trusts and care homes sending dweb version PNGelegates.

The Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum (#UKTCF) brings together innovation in telecare services and remote patient monitoring solutions, with public sector expertise across the healthcare sector. The agenda for the three panel sessions will be formulated by an ‘Agenda Advisory Board’ which benefits from senior level expertise and experience, from across the private and public telehealth industry. Attendance for the forum is by invite only and is once again limited to 125, to ensure that genuine and sustainable partnerships are formed, to help implement real solutions which improve service delivery and healthcare management

WSD Action Network figures show that between 1.6 and 1.7 million people in England are already benefitting from telecare services. This growing figure is helping England to take the lead among European countries in producing telehealth innovation and services. However, this area of healthcare is becoming increasingly scrutinised, as restraints in funding highlight the unsustainability of the NHS’s current approach to the care of patients with long term conditions. The number of patients with one or more of these long term conditions is expected to grow by 23% over the next twenty years as the average population age, and patient to doctor ratios continue to increase.

The UKTCF forum will play in a key role in exploring the viability and advancement of private sector telehealth or ‘remote patient monitoring’ solutions, which can help providers remotely monitor patient’s physiological and health status. The forum will also highlight the increase in telecare services, which enables older and vulnerable individuals to continue living independently and safely within their own homes. Patients, who have been able to manage their own conditions, have benefitted from an increased quality of life, less travel for check-ups and fewer unplanned hospital visits. The Whole System Demonstrator study proved that, if used correctly, telehealth services could help to reduce A&E visits by 15% and reduce emergency admissions by 20%.COPYRIGHT SIMON PRICE 07977 073674

The benefits of telehealth and homecare technologies seem apparent, however investment in telehealth technologies from the public sector has continued
to face constraints due to lack of evidence and financial pressures. The UK Technology Enhanced Homecare forum aims to facilitate the relationships between the public and private sector needed to help advance telehealth innovation, which will provide long term benefit to service providers and patients.

If your organisation supplies technology solutions to homecare providers or you are a healthcare provider interested in this field, please register your interest at www.esehealth.com/register or use the contact form below. Follow all the latest updates from our Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum on Twitter at @UKHealth_Forum. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #UKTCF.


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