AREC Chairman and Prince of Jordan Asem Bin Nayef hosts Powering Middle East Summit

The annual Powering Middle East Summit is once again facilitated in partnership with the Arab Renewable Energy Commission. The Summit, which brings together expertise in renewable energy implementation across the MENA region, with local and international technology innovators, shares many core principles with AREC, and looks forward to developing new partnerships which will help advance AREC’s renewable energy mission. Chairman of AREC and Prince of Jordan, HRH Prince Asem bin Nayef has graciously agreed to host the Powering Middle East Summit.

AREC is a not for profARECit non-government commission which was founded in 2011, its members represent several Arab countries and sets out to encourage the use of clean renewable energy in the Arab world. The commission aims to create awareness and encourage investments between partners by overcoming challenges, whether this is uncertainties in regional legislation, or a lack of knowledge in how to exploit renewable energy resources. AREC continues to develop renewable energy culture and explain the benefits to the members, with the aim of shifting green energy to the main source of energy, helping to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change and meet environmental targets for the region. These targets currently sit between 10% and 20% energy harvested from renewable sources by 2020.

AREC’s purpose is to create a regional centre, which acts as both a regional and international platform for researchers, engineers, economists, vendors and public sector officials, to help advance green technology innovations, maximise public awareness and create opportunities for renewable energy project implementation across all Arab countries. AREC will contribute its knowledge in Middle Eastern renewable energy policy and expertise to help strengthen the agenda for the Powering Middle East Summit. The summit will work together with AREC to create an inclusive and exclusive atmosphere which will build long term partnerships which have the ability to advance MENA renewable energy ambitions.

Prince-&-AB (2)

Prince Asem Bin Nayef (L) with Powering Middle East Summit Director Andrew Bell.

The summit looks forward to welcoming the delegation from AREC and Prince Asem Bin Nayef to Amman, Jordan and profiting from the wide range of expertise that the commission brings. To find out more about the Arab Renewable Energy Commission visit: or for registration information email

One thought on “AREC Chairman and Prince of Jordan Asem Bin Nayef hosts Powering Middle East Summit

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