TBS GB demonstrates Patient Empowering Integrated Care Services at Homecare Forum

The Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum (UKTCF) has been developed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness for healthcare providers managing patients with long term conditions, whilst ensuring that patients moving from hospital care feel safe, looked after and in control of their healthcare in a homecare environment. The transition period between hospital care and homecare is an important first step for patients towards effective condition management.  This UKTCF welcome post introduces an organisation which has built patient empowering TBS Logo (2)
Integrated Care Services that allow individuals to move away from the term ‘Patient’ and become ‘Service users’.

TBS GB Ltd will be demonstrating their seamless support services for clinical teams to enable care pathways to transition from the hospital to homecare environments. This service helps to improve efficiency for health providers by reducing hospital admissions and the cost of condition management, while improving the quality of life for individuals with long term conditions. The ICS service provides the condition management software, medical devices, and 24/7 customer contact and support needed for people to reclaim control from their conditions. The service user, over time will become the decision maker determining when they will see their consultant, and how to control their own care records and information.

Wayne Moore, UK Sales Manager at TBS GB said “Healthcare providers face a challenging period of balancing costs against the quality of care they provide. Meanwhile, patients are looking to manage their long term conditions without the need for frequent hospital visits or specialist care. This is where technology enhanced home care can provide solutions by allowing patients to become individuals again, by giving them the freedom to control their own care and improve their outcomes, whilst helping to reduce costs for hospitals and freeing up time for GPs and specialists. We look forward to joining our colleagues at the forum as one of the solutions which can re-shape our long term condition healthcare provision”.

UKTCF will bring new medical techniques and treatments to the forefront of our agenda and we look forward to the contribution that TBS GB will bring to our Manchester forum. To find out more about TBS GB’s Integrated Care Services visit: http://tbsgbintegratedcare.com/. 

TBS GB Image


For more information about the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum or to register your interest please use the contact form below.


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