Telehealth practitioners welcome Manchester Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum.

Public sector delegates from NHS Trusts, CCGS, housing associations, councils and academic institutions have welcomed positively the introduction of the Technology Enhanced TelecareHomecare Forum. Participants are contributing current telehealth issues, which are restricting the implementation of new technology that could improve the delivery of telecare services. Common themes contributed include the education of health and social care staff in using new technology, whether telehealth trials are providing an accurate evaluation of benefits, and managing pathways between hospital and homecare environments using assistive technologies. Organisations participating include Public Health Agency, Sunderland Care and Support, Lincolnshire County Council, Sanctuary Housing, Stoke-on-Trent CCG, The Royal Society of Medicine and NHS England.

Joanne Harding, Associate Director of Transformation and Innovation at Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust joins the ‘Agenda Board’, commenting “I am very much looking forward to the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum… I am particularly interested to hear… how the increasing use of mobile technology will play a role in future delivery in care”, Mr Kim Hinshaw, Director of Research & Innovation at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust added “I am keen to meet up and learn from experts in telehealth care… we need to work towards encouraging others, not just ‘enthusiasts’, to embrace telehealth. Patricia Charnley, Community Matron – NHS Clinical Advocate 2014 for County Health Partnerships believes the forum offers an opportunity to “drive forward integrated care for patient across Health and Social care boundaries” whilst David Barratt, Nurse Lecturer at University of Hull highlights “doubts which have slowed the adoption of telehealth services across care organisations” while “consumer use of health-related technologies, such as apps and wearables” continues to flourish.

The sustainable partnerships built at the forum will help to overcome the issues highlighted by public sector expertise and create investment opportunities with technological solutions developed within the private sector. Delegate passes for the Technology Enhanced Homecare forum are limited to 100, so if your organisation would like to be involved in our Manchester forum on October 16th, please use the contact form below or register your details at

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