Forum participants play key role within new ‘exploratory’ panel session

At eSE we are proud to facilitate a unique series of UK Public Sector forums utilising our own innovative format. Our forums are a development from established trade shows and exhibitions – there are no large conference halls, no stands or booths, and a restricted number of delegates.  This ensures you build beneficial relationships designed to improve efficiency, service delivery and end user experience through technology innovation.  As our forum series continue to grow in popularity, we are constantly evolving our format to ensure participants gain maximum benefit from attendance.

Exploratory panel session

eSE forums are fully interactive.

Our UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum will now benefit from a new energetic “Interactive Exploratory Panel Session”. This session will be split into two distinct parts which will see delegates break into groups to discuss key themes highlighted by our agenda board and from delegate contributions. Each group will submit 3 or 4 points to the eSE team and panel chair, in this instance Trevor Single CEO for Telecare Services Association, after a short break within our ‘Solution Centre’, delegates will return for the second half. Our panellists from the public sector will discuss the overriding ‘problem points’ contributed by delegates, trying to find resolutions from their extensive experience. eSE’s fully interactive format will encourage audience delegates to voice additional points and innovative solutions which can help overcome these issues. The pre-planned afternoon sessions will then continue to explore the themes highlighted.

The new exploratory session will establish the proactive and discussion-led atmosphere, which is crucial for enabling new partnerships and producing genuine results. We are certain delegates will highlight common problems early and end-users will discover the innovative solutions available to them and learn how to overcome the barriers when procuring them. All participants of the #UKTCF are excited about technology enabled care services and are keen to implement progressive projects, which will make a real difference to both private and NHS long term condition patients and their quality of care.

To find out more about the updated agenda for the UK Technology Enhanced Homecare forum visit our online brochure at: Participation options for both private sector and public delegates are available! Register your interest by using our contact form below.

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