SAAB innovation brings ‘SAFE’ emergency services platform to UKTEES ‘Solution Centre’

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Innovative solutions for emergency services are developed to strict specifications ensuring that mission critical police and rescue services are supported by systems and equipment which empower their effectiveness. Our newest participant is a global leader in supplying these services and solutions across military defence to civil security customers. For over seventy five years SAAB have been continually developing and improving new technology aimed at creating a safer and more confident society while meeting end user needs.

At the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum SAAB will be showcasing a scalable and customisable C4I platform known as ‘SAFE’. SAFE is a flexible solution based on decades of research from the development of civil and military systems offering emergency services operators with a fully integrated solution for information sharing, decision support, workflow, resource management and voice and data communications through one common interface. SAFE’s interface can be tailored to end user specifications to perfectly match the user’s ideal working practices and through a wide range of product applications, the user is able to use features such as video planning, communication and mapping, the system is also operational across mobile devices ensuring access is available to front line personnel.

Klaus Dalgaard, Director for Security and Safety Management at SAAB said “I am looking forward to showcasing SAAB’s innovative SAFE platform at the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. SAFE is a bespoke solution, offering an easy to use interface which is designed to enhance the way individual operators work. Emergency Service operators can be assured that SAAB solutions have been built with them in mind to help them work effectively across boundaries. At the November forum, I look forward to developing new partnerships with many of the forward-thinking Police and Rescue Services from across the country.”

To learn more about the SAAB and ‘SAFE’ platform visit: 



Registration for the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Service Forum is open until early November. If you would like to join innovators like SAAB at the forum, please register your interest in the form below to talk with one of the team.


Red Box Recorders showcasing resilient voice recording solutions at UKTEES Liverpool.

With just one month to go until we open the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum in Liverpool, we are looking forward to revealing another set of technology solution providers delivering change for UK ‘Blue Light’ services. Our latest welcome post introduces a global provider of smart voice and data recording solutions for public safety organisations. With offices worldwide and a vast network of over 300 partners, Red Box Recorders brings together a range of experience from working closely with police, fire, coastguard and transportation services.

Red Box will be showcasing its ‘Quantify Recording Suite’ within our specialist ‘Solution Centre’. Quantify is a flexible and reliable software solution for capturing and replaying voice and data communicationRed Boz Recorders logos across control rooms and from first line responders. It’s widely used by public safety organisations for fact verification, incident reconstruction, quality monitoring and assessment of employee training needs.

Quantify captures telephone, radio and mobile communications and integrates fully with command and control systems from major vendors including Motorola, APD and Capita.  Recordings captured are authenticated for security and because Red Box knows that continuity of operations is vital, Quantify is highly resilient too.

eSE looks forward to welcoming the delegation from Red Box to the Royal Liver Building on November 26th. To find out more about Red Box and Quantify Recording Suite please visit: or download it’s solution overview brochure for Public Safety.

Participation options for the November forum will close in the next couple of weeks. If you want to be involved please contact the team using the form below. Thank you.


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Emergency Services Forum welcomes Specialist Vehicle expertise from Conrad Anderson

Emergency Service budget cuts have altered the way Chief Officers balance their resources to continue to provide an efficient and responsive service. Public sector delegates attending the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum (UKTEES) have identified the time front line staff spend in emergency service vehicles as an area to improve efficiency. Our latest UKTEES participant provides a range of ‘Mobile Office’ solutions which can help frontline staff spend the time in emergency service vehicles more productively.




We are pleased to welcome Midlands based vehicle specialists Conrad Anderson to our Liverpool Forum. Conrad Anderson was established in 1997 and has since developed a reputation for technical expertise and quality products, installation services and support across the specialist vehicle market.

Emergency Service vehicles act as on road offices and Conrad Anderson are at the forefront of technological solutions for this mobile office environment. Solutions provided improve efficiency and sustainability of satellite communications and vehicle power systems, specific products include a fuel cell battery charging unit powered by LPG. Conrad Anderson vehicle solutions will play a key role in improving interoperability between front line users communicating and responding from emergency vehicles across ‘Blue Light Services’.

Steve Anderson, Director for Conrad Anderson said “Conrad Anderson is very pleased to be participating within the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. The platform brings together decision makers from across the emergency services who, within the specialist vehicle market, are key players. Efficient and capable vehicles are hugely beneficial to front line officers or responders and allow them to spend more time, more efficiently, on the road whilst staying in constant contact with back office support.”

We look forward to welcoming Steve and the delegation from Conrad Anderson to Liverpool in November. Find out more about Conrad Anderson vehicle solutions at: Delegate passes for this forum are restricted to 125! If your organisation supplies technology solutions to UK Emergency Services, please use our contact form below to register your interest or visit

Lancashire Constabulary Join UKTEES


eSE is very pleased to welcome Ian Cosh, Director of Resources from Lancashire Constabulary to the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, taking place on November 26thThe forum will be welcoming an excellent range of experts and end users from across the UK ‘Blue Light’ Services, local government, county councils, industry associations as well as private vendors. Ian will form one of the 125 strong delegation brought together to address industry concerns and improve service delivery for the Emergency Services through the use of innovative new technologies.

Ian will bring his own unique experience of technology solutions being utilised by Lancashire Constabulary as well as the problems they have overcome to implement new solutions aimed at improving efficiency. Agenda points that are important to Ian include:

  • Mobility and delivery of services
  • Functionality Vs Security
  • The role of digital engagement in shaping and delivery servcies (Social Media)
  • Protecting against Cyber security threats e.g DDOS.

We look forward to welcoming Ian Cosh and Lancashire Constabulary delegation to the Royal Liver Building this November. Learn more Lancashire Constabulary at

For more information about the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum or to register your interest to participate,

The Met Police Service Join UKTEES

eSE is very pleased to welcome Andy DrageProduct Owner for Mobility from the Metropolitan Police Service to the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, taking place on November 26thThe forum will be welcoming an excellent range of experts and end users from across the UK ‘Blue Light’ Services, local government, county councils, industry associations as well as private vendors. Andy will form one of the 125 strong delegation brought together to address industry concerns and improve service delivery for Emergency Services through the use of innovative new technologies.

Andy will bring his own unique experience of technology solutions being utilised by the Metropolitan Police Service as well as the problems they have overcome to implement new solutions aimed at improving efficiency. Agenda points that are important to Andy include In-vehicle use of mobile devices, Text to voice in vehicle, Use of Wi-Fi in vehicles and real time analytics. We look forward to welcoming Andy Drage and the Metropolitan Police Service delegation to the Royal Liver Building this November. Learn more about the Metropolitan Police Service at:

For more information about the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum or to register your interest to participate, visit: www.ese-emergencyservices.comMetpolice-logo

Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum: A Summary

eSE’s Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum took place at Manchester Central last Thursday (16th October) and enjoyed an excellent turn-out from UK telehealth practitioners, experts and solution providers. The forum was received with enthusiasm and positivity surrounding the opportunities within the telehealthcare industry. Across the three sessions a number of key areas were identified where partnerships could be created to overcome telehealth barriers.

First session

‘Interactive Exploratory Session’

Contributions from our ‘Agenda Advisory Board’, featuring Dr Malcolm Fisk, Paul Marriott (NHS Telehealth Clinical Advocate 2014) and Trevor Single (CEO of the TSA), as well as from our expert partners UK Telehealthcare and Coventry University helped us build a strong agenda, bringing together key themes and exploring barriers to implementation, technology to improve long term care in the community and the advantages of mobile technology.

The forum opened with an ‘Interactive Exploratory Session’ which saw delegates form small groups and identify the key barriers to mainstream adoption of solutions and suggest practical solutions to overcome these. This session encouraged plenty of lively interaction between delegates, ensuring the panel session that followed included issues from across the public and private sector.

The key barriers included:

  • NHS Culture being too risk adverse without a desire to embrace change
  • Clinician perceptions that telehealth technologies add to their workload
  • A technology led approach is being used rather than clinically led
  • Current services are aimed at frail or elderly patients
  • Technology already available is not being used nor is it interoperable across systems
  • Limited budgets despite demand
  • Political motivation is lacking with no involvement from current government since WDS findings
  • A perception that telehealth pilots have been expensive to run with new equipment
  • ROI is not necessarily felt immediately or by the funder

Solutions proposed by delegates argued that positive examples of telehealth projects should be put into the public domain, whether this is by word of mouth from clinicians or through a ‘National Repository’ hosted on behalf of all stakeholders. Delegates also suggested early education in schools, a more positive influence from the media, learning from the financial sector to implement changes and giving end-users personalised budgets to buy the technology for their care needs would be beneficial.

Interactive case studies were delivered by Veronica Southern of Blackpool Victoria Hospitals and Dr Kim Hinshaw of Sunderland Royal Hospital. Both showcased innovative partnerships which have improved the way care is delivered across distances for speech therapy or reducing the time expectant mothers spend in day units.


Imerja in the ‘Solution Centre’

A full summary report, produced by Coventry University, which breaks down the issues and solutions highlighted across the three panel sessions is currently being put together and will be available to all participants shortly.

A final thank you to all the public and private sector innovators that participated so enthusiastically, to our expert partners and finally our Agenda Advisory Board. We hope to work with you all again within our 2015 ‘Smart Healthcare’ series.

Were you at UKTCF? We would love to hear your feedback about the event or any comments. Use the contact form below to get into contact with the team. Many thanks.

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Imerja’s ‘Video as a Service’ solutions bring telehealth benefits to UK hospitals.

Health providers are increasingly relying on telehealth solutions to continue providing high quality care against the strain of financial pressures and dwindling resources. Government figures suggest telehealth has the potential to unlock a 20% reduction in emergency admissions, a 15% reduction in A&E visits and a 45% reduction in mortality. Technology is now offering consultants and patients the opportunity to connect remotely, reducing travelling time and increasing the useful time spent together. IT specialist Imerja has developed an innovative video solution using Polycom technology, which is bringing doctors and patients closer through the use of high performance video conferencing complete with interactive HD-quality viewing and audio capabilities. The Bolton-based IT specialist is now delivering solutions to healthcare providers throughout across the North West.

Imerja’s success stories include the Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, where the small number of paediatric neurologists in the North West of England resulted in specialists, or their patients, travelling long distances to make a relatively short consultations. Imerja’s Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) units have allowed consultants to dramatically reduce these travelling times significantly increasing the number of patients they see each day. As well as this, VaaS also alImerja Logolows specialists to collaborate remotely, share data and benefit from visual aids, improving the overall quality of communication.

Dr Ram Kumar, paediatric neurologist at Alder Hey said: “Imerja has been incredibly responsive to our suggestions throughout the trial and has enabled the full potential of this innovative technology to be unlocked”. Alder Hey staff agreed that the services had saved time and increased efficiency.

Veronica Southern

Veronica Southern will deliver a case study presentation based on Imerja’s solutions.

In Cumbria, Imerja is responsible for the delivery of The Cumbria and Lancashire Telestroke Network in partnership with Virgin Media Business. This technology connects patients with remote doctors during the time-critical early intervention stage of a stroke, helping to significantly improve the outcomes of stroke victims. The NHS funded project included laptops which were installed with Polycom video software (CMA™ Desktop) allowing the consultant to remotely monitor the examination delivered by clinicians at the bedside, reducing the pressure on consultants. Over 520 patients have benefitted from this telestroke service since its launch.

At the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum, the Imerja team will be showcasing their innovative VaaS solution which is already making a huge impact to UK hospitals. The forum will also be joined by Veronica Southern, principal speech and language therapist at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Veronica will discuss how Imerja-provided VaaS solutions have helped Blackpool Victoria implement remote assessments for patients with dysphagia, improving efficiency and reducing patient distress.

We look forward to welcoming Veronica to UKTCF this week. To find out more about Imerja’s Video as a Service solution, visit: Registration for UKTCF is now closed. If you would like to join the eSE health series mailing list, please use the contact form below: