Global Healthcare Leader Philips brings Remote Patient Monitoring to UKTCF agenda. 



An excellent range of innovative telehealth solution providers have accepted our invitation to participate within eSE’s Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum. Not unlike the telehealth market, this forum is open to a number of technology innovators, from app developers, mobile device and full integrated care services providers. Our latest welcome post introduces a recognised global leader, Philips, who addresses industry challenges through the co-creation of meaningful innovations by working with and learning from the experiences of patients, clinicians and caregivers.

Philips has an unmatched track record in healthcare, with 1,000,000 patients monitored remotely in the home using Philips devices and over 10 petabytes of data managed for healthcare providers.

Philips recently introduced EncoreAnywhere, a web-based patient management system which utilises wireless modems to automatically upload therapy device data to a central database. This first-to-market solution allows patients with long term conditions, specifically chronic lung and sleep disordered breathing conditions, to remain at home whilst clinicians can make remote changes to therapy based on comprehensive clinical information.

eSE look forward to welcoming Philips to Manchester, as well as discussing the benefits of remote monitoring solutions such as EncoreAnywhere, which are making real differences in care delivery for both patients and clinicians.

Registration for the Technology Enhanced Homecare forum will remain open until October 8th. To register your interest or to contact the eSE team please use the contact form below.




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