Coventry University Academic Delegation to produce UKTCF Summary.

The UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum (UKTCF) has partnered with Coventry University’s Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research. The new partnership will ensure that issues and solutions regarding the implementation of UK Telehealth projects, identified by forum participants, will be shared with industry colleagues. Forum ‘Agenda Board’ member Dr Malcolm Fisk will lead a Coventry University delegation, who will later produce a post-summary report distributed to all participating delegates as well as shaping future agendas for the eSE Health Series. The Coventry University report will follow the format of the UK Health Informatics post summary forum produced by the University of Leeds. See the report online at: 

This major new research centre at Coventry University has a vision for the future—one where intellectual effort is used to devise the best possible care. An integrated research approach builds on established international strengths in developing and harnessing new digital technologies, theoretical approaches from health psychology, technology design and engineering, and health technology assessment.

The resulting knowledge will eCoventry Universitynable providers to better promote health, prevent and treat disease, improve rehabilitation & long term care, and will empower individuals in self-management and independent living.

The Centre has two current research themes; Children and Families, covering intergenerational health and wellbeing, and Health Behaviour and Self-Management Interventions.  These are supported by two underpinning strands; Innovation, Design, and Technology Unit (IDTU) and Health Economics Modelling and Systems Analysis (HeMaSa).  The whole will translate insights from research into cost-effective innovations to deliver impact.

Dr Malcolm Fisk of Coventry University said “We look forward to documenting the new developments and solutions, discussed during the Technology Enhanced Home Care Forum. The platform offers an excellent opportunity to debate genuine issues faced by health and social care providers and those with long term conditions, whilst helping to overcome problems in relation to the solutions demonstrated. Coventry University has a strong track record in technology enabled health research, including leading the development of the recently launched European Code of Practise for Telehealth Services, the implementation of this code promises to impact how telehealth services are delivered in Europe and beyond. We look forward to reaching out further to our colleagues with the findings from UKTCF”.

For more information about the Centre of Technology Enabled Health Research visit:

Registration for the Technology Enhanced Homecare will close within the next week. Last minute options are available. If your public or private sector organisation would like to participate within the Manchester forum, please register your details using the contact form below.web version PNG

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