Digital Pioneers highlight patient-centred care solutions at UK Homecare Forum.  

The UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum is a specialist meeting showcasing the latest and most innovative technology to improve patient-care and bring homecare into the 21st century. In our latest welcome post, we are pleased to welcome Digital Life Sciences to our Manchester forum, who are responsible for pioneering new and efficient methods to deliver integrated patient-centred healthcare in a digital age.

Digital Life Sciences Ltd works with partners and funders across the NHS and private sector. The organisation works very closely with clients, from implementation to management, to help end users understand and deliver the full value offered by digital products or services. Digital Life Science prides itself on an in-depth understanding of digital solutions and the potential to connect people, publish information aDLS_LOGOnd make it shareable in real time, which will ultimately change the way healthcare is delivered by providers and in a homecare environment.

As part of the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum, Digital Life Sciences brings top of the line experience in delivering truly digital models for health, social, domiciliary and home care, as consultants and providers, Digital Life Sciences are able to offer expertise across the digital product lifecycle. Digital Life Science solutions are designed to enable patient-led service improvement, help improve access to health and care services, facilitate on-line planning, and undertaking remote online clinical appointments, consultations and patient discussions, ultimately improving care delivery and keeping patients healthier in their own homes for longer.

We look forward to welcoming Digital Life Sciences and hearing more about their patient led digital health solutions now transforming healthcare. To find out more about Digital Life Sciences, visit


If you would like to participate within the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum on Thursday 16th October, please use the contact form below to contact the eSE team.

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