‘Silent Carer’ VNC Lifeline‘s Telecare Monitoring Solutions explored at UKTCF  

New lifeline logo - HIGH RES

The UK Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum is proud to welcome a wide spectrum of participants, from global healthcare giants to innovative start-ups, no matter the size of the organisation all of our invited delegates are passionate about telehealth solutions and the difference they can make to individuals. In our latest welcome post, we are pleased to introduce not-for-profit social enterprise VNC Lifeline, who have been delivering telecare solutions across the Northwest for over 20 years.

TSA accredited VNC Lifeline helps elderly and vulnerable adults to continue living independently through the use of innovative telecare monitoring solutions. VNC Lifeline offers peace of mind to the service user and their families by acting as a “silent carer”, which acts to mitigate harm by responding quickly to untoward events. The service is used by providers from across local authorities and the private and public healthcare sector. VNC Lifeline is growing rapidly, now responding to over a quarter of million calls per year, although pre-dominantly based in Merseyside, the organisation delivers its service throughout the UK via self-connect.

VNC Lifeline’s telecare solutions can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and help them to manage their lifestyle with safety and peace of mind. VNC technology ensures that the alarm service is available 24-7, with some alarms worn around the user’s neck as a pendant. The service not only ensures the user is using effective and cost efficient technology, but also maintains dignity, independence, well-being and saves lives. eSE looks forward to welcoming the VNC delegation to Manchester on October 16th. Visit their website at http://www.vnclifeline.co.uk for more information.

Registration for the Technology Enhanced Homecare Forum will close within the next couple of days. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate by registering for a callback from our team through the contact form below. Thank you.

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