Intergraph’s I/CAD brings Data Integration to UK Emergency Services.

The UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services forum (UKTEES) has been established to bring together UK ‘Blue Light’ services and the decision makers responsible for effective service delivery. The forum aims to introduce them to innovative solutions to improve the way these services work together to improve public safety and efficiency. Our latest welcome post introduces Intergraph, a world leader in public sIntergraphafety software.

Intergraph will be showcasing new elements of its multi-agency incident management platform. Intergraph will show how the solution is being used to provide “Two Numbers, One Service”, on a single platform, providing data sharing across 999 and 111 calls for Ambulance services and the wider health community, allowing access to national Patient Records and providing a co-ordinated and effective response. In the context of Fire and Rescue Services Intergraph will show how shared response and data exchange is implemented in the North of England.

The same platform promotes data sharing across all Blue Light Services and will be shown by reference to a Tri-Service implementation in the British Isles. Intergraph will also be highlighting their latest thinking on applying contact management to 999, 101 and other channels and common Command &Control and Records Management silos in the Police Service

eSE looks forward to welcoming Intergraph and the range of emergency services solutions on display in the ‘Solution Centre’. Learn more about Intergraph and I/CAD at:


With just under a month to go until the forum, registration for public sector delegates and participation options for solution providers will be closed by Friday November 14th. Don’t miss your chance to register. Contact our team using the form below. Many thanks.



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