Guest speakers

eSE looks forward to welcoming our trio of expert guest speakers to our Liverpool UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. Luana Avagliano, Head of Resilence at the Cabinet Office, Kieran Timmins, Deputy Chief Executive from Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Sue Lampard, President for BAPCO will join industry and technology leaders from some of the largest UK emergency service providers including the Met Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Luana Avagliano brings direct experience from the Cabinet Office in improving Emergency Services interoperability by working within the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 remit. Working with partners from CDS, Luana established the ‘ResilienceDirect’ platform which is a secure web-based browser tool enabling civil protection practitioners to work together across geographical and organisational boundaries, to effectively prepare or initiate response operations for events or emergencies ensuring an efficient co-ordinated response.

Keiran Timmins, who will join Luana in delivering opening remarks, will offer his first-hand experience of innovation at the helm of Merseyside Fire and Rescue. The service has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of technology adoption and innovation for emergency services over its long history.

Sue Lampard, who will chair our third panel session, retired from the Police Service having reached the rank of Superintendent and focusing for many years on the function and technology associated with control rooms and call handling. She currently chairs the Surrey Local Resilience Forum and became President of British APCO in April 2013. Sue has a passion and a vision to bring together users, technicians and the commercial sector in an operational environment to enhance public safety communications.

We are very pleased to be joined by Luana, Sue and Kieran at our Liverpool forum and look forward to their contribution to agenda. Find an outline of the forum agenda within our online brochure.

Registration for public sector delegates from across UK Emergency Services is still open! If you have a vested interest or work with technology to improve your services’ efficiency or work methods, we want to hear from you. Register online at: or use our contact form below.



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