VCE ‘VBlock’ Systems features within London UKHIF ‘Solution Centre’.

Healthcare is constantly adapting with providers and the NHS employing new working methods which are facilitated by new technologies. A range of technologies are showcased at the UK Health Informatics Forum including data analytics, patient monitoring devices and handheld technology to help front line providers care for individual patients. Crucial to any technology enhancement is a strong organisational and IT infrastructure. In our latest post, we are pleased to welcome VCE, a leader in integrated systems and data centre modernisation, who are helping to improve healthcare organisation efficiency.

VCE was founded in 2009 through a collaboration between IT leaders, Cisco and EMC, with investments from VMware and Intel. VCE was developed to help organisations realise the benefits from the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models. VCE now delivers the industries only fully integrated and virtualised converged infrastructure solution.

At the London forum, VCE will demonstrate their leading VCE ‘Vblock’ systems which enables healthcare providers to modernise their data centres by combining traditional silo-led IT components into a single solution encompassing servers, storage, networking and virtualisation. The solution helps to reduce the costVCE Logo of ICT, while providing a scalable way to simplify and deploy IT as part of any patient care delivery strategy. It ensures providers can deploy applications with ease and speed, gain higher availability and lower TCO leading to better patient outcomes.

The UK Health Informatics Series looks forward to welcoming the delegation from VCE to the London forum, and look forward to seeing VCE’s ‘Vblock’ system in the ‘Solution Centre’. To find out more about VCE and their healthcare solutions visit:

Registration for the third UK Health Informatics Forum will reach capacity before the end of January. If you want to submit your health informatics solution, contact our team today using the contact form below.


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