First Solar speaker explores PV Powered Water Desalination at Powering Middle East


Dr Raed Bkayrat will deliver an interactive presentation during the two day summit

The Powering Middle East Summit is a fully interactive platform with a specifically designed environment for building new and sustainable partnerships. The structure is based around a number of discussion led panel sessions and interactive presentations led by expertise in innovative renewable energy solutions. We are pleased to confirm that presentations will be delivered by delegates from Phoenix Solar, SMA Solar, German Jordanian University, Vestas, Austrian Solar and First Solar.

Dr Raed Bkayrat, Vice President for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will represent First Solar at the Jordan summit. Raed has over 15 year’s industry experience and is responsible for overseeing First Solar’s commercial footprint in the country. Raed joined First Solar from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where he created the institution’s successful Industry Collaboration Program (KICP), during this time he also developed a successful testing program for solar and other clean energy technologies. Raed holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering from the Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Jordan.

On behalf of First Solar, Raed will deliver an interactive presentation on the second day of the summit, exploring “Prospects for PV Powered Water Desalination Plants”. Desalinating seawater is becoming a necessity as freshwater scarcity in the region continues to increase, however the process requires large amounts of energy which is at present mainly generated by fossil fuels. Raed will discuss the different desalination processes as well as the costs and performance of an alternative PV powered plant. The presentation will demonstrate that PV provides a much more sustainable option for water desalination than conventional means.

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SunEdison Speaker Al Dahya highlights Solar Potential for Middle Eastern Sustainable Water Solutions

The Powering Middle East Summit will open in just over a week’s time, with registration now closed and our two day agenda finalised, we have decided to highlight some of the distinguished speakers joining us in Jordan.


Al Dahya, General Manager for SunEdison Turkey and Jordan.

Our first speaker biography introduces Al Dahya who is speaking at the summit on behalf of the global leader in solar power and technology, SunEdison. Al Dahya will sit on the third panel session on 18th September, aptly titled ‘The Application of Renewable Energy Solutions for the Sustainable Water Delivery.  The agenda points put forward by the SunEdison delegation consider issues based around production of sustainable water solutions using solar energy. These issues include the challenges facing farmers trying to operate water pumps in remote areas using standard diesel gensets, the use of solar PV to provide a reliable and cost-effective option for powering water pumps, and addressing the challenges in off-grid areas through PV solutions that help deliver water from deep well and surface sources.

As the General Manager for SunEdison the MENA region, Al Dahya is in a very strong position to bring experience on issues facing both region’s renewable energy industry and the role solar energy will play in developing new energy sources. Al Dahya joined SunEdison in 2007 and has since worked in a number of senior roles within the company, leading M&A transactions, developing new partnerships and opening new markets for SunEdison’s leading range of both PV and semiconductor technology and solar energy solutions. Al Dahya’s experience is built on his technical expertise, he holds a degree in Computer Engineering from MIT and started his working career in a number of software start-ups as a software engineer.2013.05.22.SunEdison_Logo_Full Color (high-res)

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Global Wind Leader Vestas to open Powering Middle East Summit 


As an established platform for the development of wind projects in the region, the Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to welcome the global leader in wind technology, Vestas Wind Systems.  President of Vestas Mediterranean, Marco Graziano, will participate in the Summit’s welcoming event to share his valuable insights and Vestas’ extensive experience in the wind energy sector.

Wind power offers a predictable and clean energy source that is fast to install and an increasingly attractive commercial opportunity for investors within the region. With a total installed capacity of 60 GW, Vestas’ 51,000 turbines currently generate sustainable energy in 73 countries across the globe.

Starting with a 55KW project in Egypt, Vestas has grown strongly, now with more than 170 turbines installed across the MENA region. In 2013, Vestas signed an agreement with Jordan Wind Project Company to build the first utility-scale wind power plant in Jordan. The Al-Tafila plant, expected to be commissioned in 2015, will be the largest wind project in the kingdom with a total capacity of 117 MWs.

“In an effort to expand its energy production beyond oil and gas, the Middle East is taking important steps to promote the use of clean energy in the region”, asserts Marco Graziano, President of Vestas Mediterranean. “At Vestas, we leverage our experience to develop efficient technologies that harvest the wind and improve the performance of our customers’ wind power plantsVestas wind turbine worldwide. We are pleased to contribute with our unrivalled knowledge of wind technology with the aim of increasing our presence in the region”.

The Powering Middle East Summit looks forward to welcoming Marco Graziano and Vestas to Amman, Jordan, in September.

Registration for the Powering Middle East Summit will close at the end of August.

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AREC Chairman and Prince of Jordan Asem Bin Nayef hosts Powering Middle East Summit

The annual Powering Middle East Summit is once again facilitated in partnership with the Arab Renewable Energy Commission. The Summit, which brings together expertise in renewable energy implementation across the MENA region, with local and international technology innovators, shares many core principles with AREC, and looks forward to developing new partnerships which will help advance AREC’s renewable energy mission. Chairman of AREC and Prince of Jordan, HRH Prince Asem bin Nayef has graciously agreed to host the Powering Middle East Summit.

AREC is a not for profARECit non-government commission which was founded in 2011, its members represent several Arab countries and sets out to encourage the use of clean renewable energy in the Arab world. The commission aims to create awareness and encourage investments between partners by overcoming challenges, whether this is uncertainties in regional legislation, or a lack of knowledge in how to exploit renewable energy resources. AREC continues to develop renewable energy culture and explain the benefits to the members, with the aim of shifting green energy to the main source of energy, helping to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change and meet environmental targets for the region. These targets currently sit between 10% and 20% energy harvested from renewable sources by 2020.

AREC’s purpose is to create a regional centre, which acts as both a regional and international platform for researchers, engineers, economists, vendors and public sector officials, to help advance green technology innovations, maximise public awareness and create opportunities for renewable energy project implementation across all Arab countries. AREC will contribute its knowledge in Middle Eastern renewable energy policy and expertise to help strengthen the agenda for the Powering Middle East Summit. The summit will work together with AREC to create an inclusive and exclusive atmosphere which will build long term partnerships which have the ability to advance MENA renewable energy ambitions.

Prince-&-AB (2)

Prince Asem Bin Nayef (L) with Powering Middle East Summit Director Andrew Bell.

The summit looks forward to welcoming the delegation from AREC and Prince Asem Bin Nayef to Amman, Jordan and profiting from the wide range of expertise that the commission brings. To find out more about the Arab Renewable Energy Commission visit: or for registration information email

Powering Middle East Summit welcomes return of First Solar

eSE is very happy to welcome global solar solutions leader, First Solar, to our Jordan ‘Powering Middle East’ summit. First Solar will deliver a specialist presentation for participants imparting expertise from throughout their 15 years and 9 gigawatts (GW) of worldwide experience. First Solar believes that reliable and affordable solar energy can play a role in combating fuel price volatility by creating a diversified energy mix; in the Middle East it has built the region’s largest photovoltaic (PV) power plant – the 13 megawatt (MW) first phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai – and helped co-develop the 52.5MW Shams Ma’an project in Jordan.  FS Logo 2008-CYMK-1795C

An independent, pure-play renewable energy company, First Solar is truly vertically integrated, with competencies ranging from R&D to module recycling. With the industry’s largest R&D investment, First Solar has consistently improved efficiencies, achieving breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace, while also addressing specific customer needs with diversified services and solutions. The industry’s strongest balance sheet and a reputation for quality has translated into First Solar being the technology provider of choice for debt-financed projects around the world.

Ahmed S. Nada, First Solar’s VP for the Middle East, commented, “First Solar is pleased to be able to demonstrate how it combines innovation and technology to help sustainably address the region’s energy needs, at the Powering the Middle East Summit. We believe that sunlight is the region’s most abundant energy resource and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our experience in enabling our partners’ ambitions to harness clean, reliable and affordable solar electricity.”

Powering Middle East is an excellent platform to bring the long term benefits of solar power to the forefront of discussions and work with Middle Eastern energy ministers to create a sustainable economic plan for the future. We are pleased that First Solar will continue to be involved within our ‘Power’ series. For more information about First Solar, please
First Solar Panels
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Bird & Bird joins Powering Middle East Summit as ‘International Law Partner’ 

The Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to introduce the summit’s ‘International Law Partner’ Bird & Bird. The law firm will bring an invaluable grasp of strategic commercial issues faced by renewable energy innovators, MENA government ministers and industry bodies. Legislative restrictions will play a key part within the POWERINGME agenda, and Bird & Bird, with its combination of global expertise and deep industry knowledge built across Europe, The Middle East and Asia, will be able to address them.

As the Middle East looks to move away from dependence on oil revenues, many international companies are looking to expand, invest in or develop renewable energy projects within the lucrative MENA market. Bird & Bird uses their UAE based team to provide local expertise while demonstrating a deep understanding of renewable energy projects and ‘CleanTech’ innovation within a global context. BIRD&BIRD_POS_LOGO_CMYK_GREEN

Many organisations have sought Bird & Bird’s assistance to invest in or develop technological solutions to combat issues resulting from climate change and energy security. These range from developers or landowners to local authorities and financiers across a range of renewable industries such as solar, hydro and offshore wind power as well as biomass energy. Bird & Bird’s broad experience of the sector  will help to shape the summit agenda and contribute to developing solutions to the most current issues faced by our participants such as  solar and wind feed-in-tariffs, the unbundling of European energy supplies and advice on the usage of ‘Carbon Credits’.

Andrew Renton, Partner at International Energy and Utilities Sector Group, Bird & Bird, said: “We are delighted to be involved in the Powering Middle East Summit as its ‘International Law Partner’. The Summit represents a fantastic opportunity to spearhead new innovation and projects in the region by helping delegates overcome some of the legislative uncertainties which are restricting project implementation. Local authorities, particularly in Jordan, are now setting out attractive incentives to help advance green energy projects. We hope to help companies and innovators looking to build new relationships in this sector capitalise on opportunities that are available to them. ”

Is your organisation developing renewable energy projects within the MENA region? Or are you a public sector official within the MENA renewable energy sector? Delegate passes for our Jordan Powering Middle East Summit are limited. Register your interest at or email for further details.

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Powering Middle East Summit welcomes speaker from AustrianSolar

AustrianSolar_logo (2)




The Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to announce that AustrianSolar will join the Jordan summit in September. AustrianSolar is yet another internationally recognised industry player that strengthens the summits reputation as a platform for solar industry stakeholders to build upon investments within the MENA region. AustrianSolar has a proven track record of delivering efficient, innovative and reliable PV technology and operational systems and will bring this expertise to the Middle East.

Summit attendees will be able to take inspiration from AustrianSolar’s Theodore Tsacheff, who will be speaking at the event. Theodore, who is Business Development Director, said “The Powering Middle East Summit is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the region’s decision makers with genuine solar industry solutions. The relationships built at these forums are crucial to create a new sustainable approach to meeting MENA region’s fast growing energy demand through cost effective and sustainable   solutions. AustrianSolar is looking forward to sharing its experience and expertise and developing mutually beneficial business relationships within the MENA region”.

AustrianSolar (previously known as Austrian Enviro Technologies) was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The company is an independent developer of utility-scale solar photo-voltaic power plants and has a developed projects in Europe and Latin America, where it has built grid parity project pipelines with a combined capacity of 900+MWp. AustrianSolar is now present in the Middle East where it has  started operations to realize the identified opportunities in these emerging  solar markets.

AustrianSolar is a valuable participant in the summit offering to share a great deal of experience from its fully integrated product portfolio across project development, commeAustrain solar headerrcial and technical advisory . eSE looks forward to welcoming Theodore and the AustrianSolar delegation to the Jordan summit. Read more about AustrianSolar at

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