‘Police Forces will have to work smarter because they will be smaller’

Speaking in a BBC Radio 4 interview, the head of the police watchdog has warned that police cuts in England and Wales are “here to stay”. Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Thomas Windsor said forces had “already made, and done it well in the main, cuts of 20% in the last four years” but warned that forces were facing another 5% budget restriction in the next year. Sir Thomas went on to suggest that in some cases there are “further efficiencies to be gained” with more savings likely, however he argued that police forces will “need to work smarter because they will be smaller”.

Across 2015 the ‘Innovative Emergency Services Series’ will travel across UK cities to help showcase emergency services innovation and partnerships which are helping Blue Light Services “work smarter”. The series brings together technology suppliers with key stakeholders responsible for the efficient delivery of UK Emergency ServiPolice on beatces. The agenda is built is by contributors from across police, fire and ambulance services as well as local government and technology suppliers, with the aim of overcoming the common barriers to mainstream adoption of solutions. The discussion led forums help to create new partnerships and introduce new technology which can help emergency services personnel undertake their crucial job more efficiently and safely.

The next forum will take place in London on February 24th. The ‘On-Site’ Forum will focus on regional examples of best practise and innovation which are helping southern based emergency service providers and technology suppliers to overcome financial restraints and barriers to new technology. Luana Avagliano, head of ResilienceDirect at the Cabinet Office is partnering the forum with contributions from O2, Capita, Ricoh UK, The Met Police and London Air Ambulance.


Delegate passes are limited. Please use the contact form below to register your interest in participating or to leave comments.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30671127


Liverpool UKTEES Summary by AIMTECH available now!

In our latest blog post, eSE is pleased to showcase our latest summary document from the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, which took place last month at the Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. The forum discussion was extremely positive and identified a number of key areas where technology providers can work together with UK Emergency Services and build sustainable new partnerships.

This summary has been produced in partnership with the academic delegation from the Adaption Information Management and Technology (AIMTech) Research Centre at the University of Leeds Business School. The document summarises the three panel sessions and the key themes identified by participants.

You can access the full report by clicking here!

The ‘Innovative Emergency Services Series’ offers a number of ways to continue building upon the progress from the Liverpool Forum, including regional forums in London, Birmingham and Newcastle across 2015 for showcasing regional innovation and strengthening partnerships, distribution of delegate lists and through our own communications team.
The next forum in London will be attended by Luana Avagliano, Head of ResilienceDirect at the Cabinet Office, who will also take a place within our series ‘Agenda Advisory Board’. The Birmingham forum will partner West Midlands Fire Service and their innovative 999eye app, whilst the Newcastle forum will be supported by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service under our ‘Advisory Board’ member and Chief Fire Officer Tom Capeling.

We want to hear your feedback! Use the contact form below to submit your comments or to get in touch with the eSE team about participating at any of our upcoming regional forums, or within the next national ‘Innovative Emergency Services Forum’ taking place next September.


Guest speakers

eSE looks forward to welcoming our trio of expert guest speakers to our Liverpool UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. Luana Avagliano, Head of Resilence at the Cabinet Office, Kieran Timmins, Deputy Chief Executive from Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Sue Lampard, President for BAPCO will join industry and technology leaders from some of the largest UK emergency service providers including the Met Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Luana Avagliano brings direct experience from the Cabinet Office in improving Emergency Services interoperability by working within the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 remit. Working with partners from CDS, Luana established the ‘ResilienceDirect’ platform which is a secure web-based browser tool enabling civil protection practitioners to work together across geographical and organisational boundaries, to effectively prepare or initiate response operations for events or emergencies ensuring an efficient co-ordinated response.

Keiran Timmins, who will join Luana in delivering opening remarks, will offer his first-hand experience of innovation at the helm of Merseyside Fire and Rescue. The service has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of technology adoption and innovation for emergency services over its long history.

Sue Lampard, who will chair our third panel session, retired from the Police Service having reached the rank of Superintendent and focusing for many years on the function and technology associated with control rooms and call handling. She currently chairs the Surrey Local Resilience Forum and became President of British APCO in April 2013. Sue has a passion and a vision to bring together users, technicians and the commercial sector in an operational environment to enhance public safety communications.

We are very pleased to be joined by Luana, Sue and Kieran at our Liverpool forum and look forward to their contribution to agenda. Find an outline of the forum agenda within our online brochure.

Registration for public sector delegates from across UK Emergency Services is still open! If you have a vested interest or work with technology to improve your services’ efficiency or work methods, we want to hear from you. Register online at: www.ese-emergencyservices.com/register or use our contact form below.



CDS brings ResilienceDirect™ interoperability platform to Liverpool UKTEES Forum

The UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum (UKTEES) is pleased to welcome business solutions experts, CDS, who are contributing an expert speaker as well as demonstrating their ResilienceDirect™ solution.  CDS has helped large organisations throughout the UK and Europe to reduce costs and enhance the delivery of services by improving the clarity and effectiveness of communications, providing a strong and secure data analytics platform to help organisations gain efficiency from their data. CDS client sectors include Central and Local Government, Transport and Tourism, Property and ‘Blue Light Services’ – most notably the Met Police Service. CDS

ResilienceDirect™ is an innovative solution which enables civil protection practitioners to work together across geographical or organisation boundaries to effectively prepare, or initiate response operations for events or emergencies.  The Civil Contingences Act implemented in 2004 ensures that emergency responders co-operate, and share information, relating to emergencies to initiate an efficient co-ordinated response. CDS working with Luana Avagliano, Head of the ResilienceDirect Team at the Cabinet Office, has developed an effective online private ‘network’ which meets these specifications and guarantees that information is readily available across emergency services. The network allows for the sharing of emergency plans and situation reports, managing contact information, updates about forthcoming exercise or events and issuing news and guidance from central government on a secure platform that operates at a protective marking level of ‘Official – Sensitive’.

Mike Collier, Technical Director for CDS said “CDS is pleased to be bringing ResilienceDirect™ to the (UKTEES) forum. Our platform is proving to be a very strong asset for ‘Blue light services’ and wider emergency responders such as the NHS, Local Authorities and the army, aiming to improve interoperability and co-ordinate secure efficient, cost-effective responses to real-time events and emergencies. At this forum, key decision makers can come together to realise investment opportunities that have proven to make a measurable difference to emergency service end users”

We look forward to welcoming the CDS delegation to the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool on November 26th. For more information about CDS and its portfolio of solutions visit: http://cds.co.uk/digital-solutions/objective-collaboration/