Liverpool UKTEES Summary by AIMTECH available now!

In our latest blog post, eSE is pleased to showcase our latest summary document from the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, which took place last month at the Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. The forum discussion was extremely positive and identified a number of key areas where technology providers can work together with UK Emergency Services and build sustainable new partnerships.

This summary has been produced in partnership with the academic delegation from the Adaption Information Management and Technology (AIMTech) Research Centre at the University of Leeds Business School. The document summarises the three panel sessions and the key themes identified by participants.

You can access the full report by clicking here!

The ‘Innovative Emergency Services Series’ offers a number of ways to continue building upon the progress from the Liverpool Forum, including regional forums in London, Birmingham and Newcastle across 2015 for showcasing regional innovation and strengthening partnerships, distribution of delegate lists and through our own communications team.
The next forum in London will be attended by Luana Avagliano, Head of ResilienceDirect at the Cabinet Office, who will also take a place within our series ‘Agenda Advisory Board’. The Birmingham forum will partner West Midlands Fire Service and their innovative 999eye app, whilst the Newcastle forum will be supported by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service under our ‘Advisory Board’ member and Chief Fire Officer Tom Capeling.

We want to hear your feedback! Use the contact form below to submit your comments or to get in touch with the eSE team about participating at any of our upcoming regional forums, or within the next national ‘Innovative Emergency Services Forum’ taking place next September.

UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum: A Summary.

The Innovative Emergency Services Series enjoyed a fantastic start last week as eSE hosted the opening national forum in Liverpool with our partners at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. The forum bought together one hundred senior level delegates from across the UK ‘Blue Light’ Services and technology suppliers who strive to help the services improve efficiency, service delivery and cost-effectiveness. The agenda, which was built by contributions from participating organisations and our series ‘Agenda Advisory Board’, explored barriers to new technology, future Command and Control Centres, resilient mobile solutions for front line staff and interoperability across services.

Three fully interactive panel sessions encouraged a day of lively discussion around central issues inhibiting UK Emergency Services. Luana Avagliano, Head of ResilienceDirect for the Cabinet Office and Kieran Timmins, Deputy Chief Executive for Merseyside Fire and Rescue, delivered opening remarks to delegates from West Midlands Fire and Rescue, Greater Manchester Police and The Met Police. Innovators joining the forum included O2, SAAB, Dicom Spigraph, Aligned Assets, CDS, Intergraph and Trilogy Communications.

Solutions showcased at the forum included the 999eye app from West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service and the GOODSAM app from London Air Ambulance, both harness the capabilities of smartphones to provide more information to first responders. Delegates discussed the reliance on smartphones for new solutions, resilience models, ESN developments and how social media can be used to respond to incidents. A full summary of the forum will be produced by our partners from AIMTech and distributed to participants. Learn more about the Adaption Information Management and Technology research centre at:

eSE would like to thank our partners at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Ricoh UK and AIMTech as well as all of the private sector and emergency services delegates that attended and contributed so enthusiastically.

Registration for the Innovative Emergency Services Series across 2015 is open! Our regional on-site forums take place in London in February, Birmingham in April, and Newcastle in June. The next national forum will take place in Bristol on 29th September. To register for any of the forums or the series visit or use the contact form below to get in contact with the eSE team.

O2 joins Liverpool UKTEES Forum            

UK Emergency Services rely on safe, secure and efficient communications networks to efficiently work together across boundaries and agencies to provide a lifesaving service, forming a critical part of our national infrastructure. Our latest welcome post introduces a major network operator providing mission critical network services for UK ‘Blue Light Services’. O2 will be participating within our Liverpool and Bristol national forums as well as showcasing regional partnerships at our on-site forums in London (Feb), Birmingham (Apr) and Newcastle (Jun).O2 logo

O2 already offers mission-critical facilities to a range of users across both the private and public sector, and is moving to capitalise on the move towards more cellular and Wi-Fi based solutions for their communications. O2 will be on hand to help Police, Ambulance and Fire Services to realise the benefits of smarter and cost effective service communications by utilising new technologies such as 4G. The network provider is a growing Public Sector business and is developing a strong presence in this huge market. O2 is now a PNS accredited service provider and is working with central and local government to provide innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions.

Steve Norris, Managing Partner for Public, Criminal Justice and Emergency Services for Telefonica will be a panellist during our Liverpool forum. Steve commented “I am very pleased to be participating within the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum on behalf of O2. We have a dedicated team, which has been working with police, criminal justice and blue light services for over a decade. We ensure our mobile and network technologies deliver cost effective and efficient solutions for multi-agency interoperability. We look forward to helping end users overcome issues they have faced implementing new communications solutions”.

We look forward to welcoming Steve Norris and the O2 delegation to our UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Series. To find out more about O2 and their work with UK ‘Blue Light Services’ visit: 


Registration for the UK Technology Enhanced Services Forum has now closed. If you would like to join O2 at our on-site forums in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, or the UK Forum in Bristol next September, visit or use the contact form below to get in touch.








Quantify Recording Suite features within UKTEES ‘Solution Centre’

eSE is looking forward to welcoming a range of innovations which are already making a big difference to the way that emergency services operate and work together in the UK. Solutions being showcased in our unique ‘Solution Centre’ include mobile office solutions for specialist vehicles, prototype applications for frontline mobile devices and multi-agency incident management platforms which ease the sharing of resources and information regardless of location and across different services.

One of the solutions which will feature at next week’s forum is the ‘Quantify Recording Suite’ by Red Box Recorders. Red Box has brought together a range of experience and expertise from close relationships with police, fire and coastguard services to produce a flexible and reliable voice and data recording solution which meets the needs of first responders and control room users. Quantify captures telephone, radio and mobile voice and data communications for fact verification, incident reconstruction and quality monitoring. The Quantify suite is fully integrated with command and control platforms from major vendors and puts resilience at the heart of its specification.

Red Box Recorders have put together a short video which highlights how the platform operates and the many benefits it provides to UK ‘Blue Light’ Services.

To find out more about Red Box and Quantify Recording Suite please visit: or download it’s solution overview brochure for Public Safety.

Rinicom LTD presents leading Communications Solutions to improve ‘Blue Light’ interoperability.

Rinicom Ltd Logo




The UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum is proud to bring together cutting edge innovators with the end users that benefit from their solutions. All of our participants share a common aim to improve the delivery of UK Emergency Services against personnel and financial constraints. Our newest delegation joins the Liverpool forum from Rinicom Ltd, a UK based global technology provider specialising in state-of-the art wireless broadband communications, digital broadcasting and wireless video surveillance applications.

Since 2002, emergency personnel and first responders from across the UK have benefitted from Rinicom’s wireless COFDM broadband video surveillance, bespoke communications solutions and outstanding customer support. Rinicom Ltd is recognised as a leader in cutting edge technology with its portfolio of COFDM and advanced camera systems growing fast, specific products including the ‘PodNode’ and miniature ‘eyeQuad’ cameras are acknowledged as leaders within their particular class.  Rinicom has been one of the biggest contributors to a number of projects including the EU FP7 INFRA project (Innovative and Novel First Responder Applications), EU FP7 HIT-GATE (Heterogeneous Interoperable Transportable GATEway for First-Responders) and to the EU FP7 PPDR project (Public Protection and Disaster Relief).

The Rinicom Ltd delegation will include Professor Garik Markarian, CEO for Rinicom, who will deliver an interactive presentation to our Liverpool audience. Garik’s presentation will explore the existing range of communications systems for first responders and the issues they face in terms of interoperability. Garik will also highlight a Rinicom produced solution which has been developed jointly with EU partners and now being considered for a European standard.

eSE looks forward to welcoming Professor Garik Markarian and Rinicom Ltd to the Liverpool UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum, as well as hearing more about the cutting edge solutions which are set to improve emergency service interoperability across the UK and Europe. Find out more about Rinicom Ltd at:

Registration for the ‘On-Site’ regional Innovative Emergency Services Series is open. Our locations for 2015 will be London (Feb), Brmingham (April), and June (Newcastle). If you are based in and around these areas and work with emergency services in the region, please visit  or use our contact form below.

Dicom Spigraph Group brings Administrative solutions to ‘Blue Light Service’ personnel.  

Our latest welcome post for the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum welcomes leading solutions provider DICOM Spigraph Group, which sets out to eliminate lengthy administration processes to free up their workforce and increase efficiency. Improving management of administrative processes allows organisations to focus on core business and service delivery, this is a challenge facing UK ‘Blue Light Service’ providers, as budget restrictions impose new restraints on frontline staff and the time they spend on administrative tasks.

As part of the Spigraph Group, DICOM is a leading provider of intelligent scanning, capture and document process solutions across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Through 20 years of industry experience and by working with a wide-reaching reseller network, DICOM ensures that customers have access to high performance technology and capture expertise. DICOM solutions boast document scanners from leading manufacturers, best-of-breed capture software and comprehensive services to automate document-driven business processes, solutions are deployed to streamline processes including mailroom, invoice processing, and compliant scan-to-archive and advanced capturing. DIDicom LogoCOM Spigraph Solutions are used across a wide range of industries such as finance, logistics, healthcare and the public sector.

DICOM will participate at the Liverpool forum, along with its partners from Fujitsu, to showcase innovative solutions to improve UK Emergency Services efficiency through the reduction of administrative processes. Fujitsu is an established leader in the capture market and can provide state-of-the-art scanning hardware that delivers speed, image quality and unsurpassed paper handling, their all-encompassing range means that you can address your scanning requirements whether it be scanning whilst on the road, at individual desktops or production level archiving. DICOM solutions and Fujitsu hardware allow frontline police, fire and ambulance personnel to spend more time continually delivering a crucial and effective public service.

We look forward to welcoming delegates from both DICOM Spigraph Group and Fujistu to the Royal Liver Building later this month. To find out more about DICOM, its network of resellers and portfolio of innovative solutions visit:

Registration for the UK Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum has now closed for private sector delegations. We have a very limited number of public sector passes still available. Don’t miss your chance to be involved! Visit 

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Moore Stephens Consulting Speaker discusses Fire and Rescue Service Efficiency at UKTEES Forum.

eSE forums are built around a fully interactive and discussion based format with an agenda that is formulated through contributions from participating delegations, across the public and private sector, and through the collective expertise of our ‘Agenda Advisory Board’. In our latest welcome post we are pleased to introduce one of the technology innovators contributing an expert speaker to our second panel session. Moore Stephens Consulting has worked closely with emergency service providers to identify and provide solutions to improve efficiency, resilience, and service delivery whilst maintaining cost effectiveness in a climate of budget restraint.




Moore Stephens Consulting (MSC), working with one of the world’s largest fire services, has developed the StARS-MS which helps to manage staff data and appliance availability, rostering, support for retained duty system and volunteer personnel and sickness management. The system also benefits fire and rescue service strategic planning and decision making processes by providing key management information and simplifying automated processes. MSC will also discuss the recently updated and enhanced Incident Management System (IMS) which gathers information about incidents from both the mobilizing system and from station based input, this system is completely operational with the StARS-MS solution.

Simon Lamb, Director at Moore Stephens Consulting said “Moore Stephens is pleased to be part of the Technology Enhanced Emergency Services Forum. As providers of an integrated technology platform that supports the day-to-day operations of fire services, we welcome a forum that provides a platform for discussing how technology can be applied to improve efficiency, reduce costs and help to maintain the highest levels of service and public safety.”

eSE looks forward to welcoming Simon and the delegation from Moore Stephens Consulting to the Royal Liver Building, Liverpool on the 26th. To find out more about Moore Stephens Consulting and their ICT interests visit:


Registration for our 2015 Innovative Emergency Services Series is now open. We have regional forums taking place in London, Birmingham and Newcastle. Our next national forum will take place September 29th 2015 in Bristol. Register your interest for any of our forums using the contact form below or visit for more information.