Norton Rose Fulbright energy legal expertise welcomed to Powering Middle East.

In our latest welcome post we are pleased to introduce further expertise in energy and infrastructure law and regulation. eSE’s Powering Middle East Summit, co-facilitated with the Arab Energy Renewable Commission and partnered with International Law firm Bird & Bird, is the strategic meeting point for renewable energy stakeholders to overcome legal uncertainties and issues restricting the development of new energy projects. Global legal practice Norton Rose Fulbright has worked with regional and multinational corporations, financial institutions and government entities in the Middle East for over 30 years and will be contributing two specialist speakers at the Summit.  The firm has built a strong reputation upon industry focus and specialises across a series of sectors including energy, infrastructure and technology and innovation.




The team within Norton Rose Fulbright’s energy practice specialise in the facilitation of global solar projects, with expertise from specialties including project finance, capital markets, M&A, climate change and carbon financing. In the Middle East the team has taken a leading role advising developers and lenders on the first three rounds of the South African Renewable Energy IPP (REIPP) programme and are currently advising the Dubai government on their first Solar IPP.

Many of Norton Rose Fulbright’s energy lawyers have worked in major energy companies in leading energy-producing countries.  This level of specialist industry knowledge will ensure that our ‘Renewable Regulation and Legislation’ and ‘Identifying Suitable Financing Models & Creating Partnerships’ panel sessions incorporate the experience of a range of global legal leaders.

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Global Wind Leader Vestas to open Powering Middle East Summit 


As an established platform for the development of wind projects in the region, the Powering Middle East Summit is pleased to welcome the global leader in wind technology, Vestas Wind Systems.  President of Vestas Mediterranean, Marco Graziano, will participate in the Summit’s welcoming event to share his valuable insights and Vestas’ extensive experience in the wind energy sector.

Wind power offers a predictable and clean energy source that is fast to install and an increasingly attractive commercial opportunity for investors within the region. With a total installed capacity of 60 GW, Vestas’ 51,000 turbines currently generate sustainable energy in 73 countries across the globe.

Starting with a 55KW project in Egypt, Vestas has grown strongly, now with more than 170 turbines installed across the MENA region. In 2013, Vestas signed an agreement with Jordan Wind Project Company to build the first utility-scale wind power plant in Jordan. The Al-Tafila plant, expected to be commissioned in 2015, will be the largest wind project in the kingdom with a total capacity of 117 MWs.

“In an effort to expand its energy production beyond oil and gas, the Middle East is taking important steps to promote the use of clean energy in the region”, asserts Marco Graziano, President of Vestas Mediterranean. “At Vestas, we leverage our experience to develop efficient technologies that harvest the wind and improve the performance of our customers’ wind power plantsVestas wind turbine worldwide. We are pleased to contribute with our unrivalled knowledge of wind technology with the aim of increasing our presence in the region”.

The Powering Middle East Summit looks forward to welcoming Marco Graziano and Vestas to Amman, Jordan, in September.

Registration for the Powering Middle East Summit will close at the end of August.

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Financiers and Law Firms play key role at Jordan Powering Middle East Summit


Financiers are now exploring the potential benefits of investment in innovative renewable energy technologies as the growing MENA population puts pressure on existing energy reserves. The Middle East is strategically important for renewable energy adoption owing to high solar irradiance levels and some of the most variable wind speeds. Current restraints in existing technology have led developers to produce innovative solutions to combat issues such as dust pollution levels.

Michelle Davies Photo (2)

Michelle T Davies (MESIA Solar Woman of the Year)

Jordan’s renewable energy sector has grown in strategic significance as governments from across the region set ambitious targets and approve increases in public spending for projects. As developers seek financial and legal options for renewable energy projects, this has become a key area for discussion within the Powering Middle East Summit. We have invited a small number of law firms and financiers to aid public and private sector stakeholders to identify and overcome political, regulation and legislative and financial barriers.

In response to these issues, we have appointed Michelle T Davies of Eversheds to our ‘Agenda Advisory Board’. Eversheds Clean Energy and Sustainability Group have advised on over 30GW of renewable energy projects including solar, wind, geothermal and hydro technologies from initial Capital Raising through to the construction of the project. Michelle Davies, who has also been awarded MESIA Solar Woman of the Year, has personally advised MENA governments and policy makers across all variants of renewable technology, this makes her a valuable source of experience at the Summit.

Michelle commented “Growth in the Renewable Energy sector has rocketed, encouraging developers to realise their investment potential for innovative solar and wind technologies throughout the MENA Market. I have worked with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors across Middle Eastern regions and look forward to discussing my experiences with delegates looking to develop relationships within this sector.”

We look forward to working with Michelle and Eversheds over the coming months. Financiers and Law firms are an integral part to getting renewable projects out of the planning stage and into production. If your firm should be involved with the Summit, please register your details for a call-back from our Powering Middle East Project Manager.


Intergovernmental Powerhouse IRENA Joins Powering Middle East Summit

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will be joining eSE’s Powering Middle East Summit in Jordan in September. IRENA is a global hub for the progression of renewable technologies including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, solar power and wind energy. The price of renewable technology has decreased in recent years resulting in IRENA becoming a crucial platform for advocating renewable adoption and arguing a sensible business case for global economies.

Dr Mustapha Taoumi is MEIRENANA Program Officer for IRENA and will be a speaker at the summit. Dr Taoumi said “Renewable energy presents a powerful opportunity for the Middle East and North Africa region to achieve a globally important position in the renewable energy market – a market which is likely to become the cornerstone of the low-carbon green economy of the future. At Powering Middle East, IRENA will offer ideas on the business models most likely to attract investors and it will contribute to important discussions about policy and regulation, institutional frameworks, grid infrastructure, financial resources and capacity building.”

IRENA was founded in 2011 and is now a key platform for energy co-operation between 131 member states including the EU; an additional 36 countries are actively engaged with the organisation and seeking membership. As the population continues to swell and economies become stronger, the MENA region faces a number of critical infrastructure and investment decisions that will affect their energy production capabilities for generations to come. IRENA exists to support these countries through their transition to renewable led energy economies.

The MENA region is a strategically important location for the adoption of renewable technologies. The Jordan Powering Middle East Summit represents a key opportunity for the region to develop sustainable relationships as well as a learning opportunity for investors in the region as IRENA shares financial, technological and policy expertise. eSE looks forward to welcoming both Dr Taoumi and IRENA to the summit. Click here to find out more about IRENA.

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